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Hi David - You need to generate CCI (QCI) database from Calibre SVRF database (using Calibre Query Server - you need to have CCI license to do that), and use that CCI as one of the inputs when compiling QRC techFile. Ask Cadence for help, as these things can get tricky and might require Cadence support (especially so that pdk for QRC is (...)
I am characterizing an NMOS transistor in millimeter-wave frequency band. I have a pdk for this millimeter-wave NMOS provided by the foundry. However, I am not able to add this high frequency transistor in the cadence virtuoso model libraries as I need to design the circuit schematic design of an amplifier. can anyone guide me how to add thi
You might need to do some extra work such as adding whatever recognition / special layers the foundry pdk uses to drive recognition & param extraction of drawn inductors. These would be absent from an externally sourced layout since that's all "housekeeping" inside the Cadence setup. I'd begin with making an intra-Cadence spiral inductor layout,
Can you check your pdk document to see which layers are needed to define a diode you're using in schematic? You can find this information on a table probably named device truth table or similar. Because it sounds like you need to add DIODE layer to define separate diodes, otherwise it would probably check for parasitic diode (DIODENWX sounds (...)
Zero threshold voltage MOSFET are called native transistors. They require special masks. You need to check your process. Native transistors have larger lengths typically 2x compared to standard threshold voltage transistors.
I need transconductance parameter Kn of the NMOS and Kp of the PMOS . The amount of kn and kp for 90nm technology and 0.13un and 0.18un Tsmc company like. Thank you.
Hi I am using Synopsys design compiler as synthesize tool , I have pdk from a vendor that doesn't have symbol library then I can't do synthesize in design vision. is this library needed if I don't use gui and don't need to se schematics ? and is there any way to synthesize without this library ? do you have any suggestion for (...)
hi I am working with 180nm TS18 pdk. Purpose is to swap body connections of PMOS and NMOS (body of PMOS to ground and body of NMOS to VDD) since there is no NMOS which has triple well, so I need to make it by myself by adding buried layer to the NMOS18 but then there will be a problem in LVS as there will be two extra how can I start thi
There's all kinds of analog design and you might be fine doing higher level work using only approved pdk elements if that's your thing. But if you need to cheat, then you need to "cheat smart" and part of that is being able to challenge the "No!" Posse (your device and reliability engineers) when they start mouthing dogma at you. Someone (...)
This is done all the time, you just need to have two MOSFET models fitting the two species and link the symbol appropriately to the model for each instance (or, you make a symbol for each FET species that has a link to the proper model). If you were going to do this for reals you'd have a foundry pdk from a flow that offered such options (two
Hi, I am new to IC layout. I am finding it confusing to make a Power MOSFET (NMOS) width 9.2mm width and length 1.6u. As per schematic simulation study. This seems to big to be drawn like simple nmos of small Width(um)and Length (um) Can some one point me to the right resource or give suggestion on how to draw this Power MOSFET. Thanks
I need 65nm node technology files or less (28nm is preferable) for education purpose for cadence virtuoso. from where I can get those... kindly help me...
need pdk for Cree 0.25um GaN-on-SiC technology for power amplifier design. Please help me for Power amplifier design in ADS2009
You need to scroll back further and address any complaints about libraries not found, failure of extract process, etc. I see some complaints about not being able to find what look like basic pdk library primitives, maybe your library setup is not making it to the verification tool's setup or something like that. Technology file needs (...)
Anyone here using global foundary pdk. I need some clarification which can help to accelerate my work. thank you.
help me plz, i really need this library for my research, plz send it to me. Thanks a lot
There is a simulation error when I installed the Win's GaAs pdk in linux ADS2013. The following picture is the simulation messages.119305 When I install the same pdk in windows ADS2013, there is no simulation error. I need someone help me to solve this problem. Is there anybody met this problem?
A well designed amplifier -should- have trivial Vio variation with PVT and one which has any sort of autozero function may display no measurable Vio even with gross VT scatter. You need mismatch statistics enabled (by you) and modeled (by foundry, or roll your own) to see realism in Vio. The pdk docs ought to tell you the series of motions require
I think you need to include the library for stat_noise.
A bit more info would be helpful: show what you already have achieved, and describe exactly where or what for you need help! W/L ratios not only depend on process size, but also on the transistor models used. 180 nm cadence isn't enough, you should also tell which pdk you are using.