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Hi, at the left side of the attached image, there is a commercial flash circuit. It charges the electrolytic to HV using a rectifier diode. I was wondering why not use another diode, as shown in the right hand side schematic, to charge the electrolityc faster? (using the positive pulses out of the transformer as well) Do you see any problems with
Your module produces only 4kV to 6kV (which is not much) when it is powered from 12V. A module that produces a higher voltage will make a longer ark. A neon sign transformer (its output is AC, not DC) produces a higher voltage but it might be deadly. For a 10cm ark in dry air you need 30.8kV.
Hello, in this multibibrator if the neon bulb is replaced with a variable capacitor and a suitable RF transformer is used, RF damped waves are produced frequency is determined by the resonance of the LC and the d
Hi neon, This is the output transformer circuit of an inverter, Q and Q6 are the output MOSFETS and are being driven by the MCU (Micro Controller Unit) in PUSH-PULL action at the output windings of the trafo (5-6 and 4-7) and the winding 2-9 is used for supplying the MCU as the self-looped supply circuit. Hope this may satisfy you a bit. :smile:
Are the lights neon tubes? Then they operate from thousands of volts. Is the voltage stepup transformer built into the base of each neon tube? Can you ask the Chinese manufacturer the frequency, voltage and current that is fed to each transformer?
Cannot really think why you would want a neon on 12v, rather than a led. A simple oscillator and step up transformer will do, you should only need around a milliamp at 90v or more. No need to rectify. Not sure what transformer you would use though, perhaps something from an old transistor radio would do. Not aware that there are any circuits (...)
My rough estimate is about 200V. It takes about 100V to strike a neon. The current will be under 1mA so voltage drop across the air capacitor and the body resistance of the person should be small.
I need to know like generating HV to ignite neon tubes the voltage that I need to obtain is of 15000v/30mA