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Dear friends How should I define gate width per finger/finger numbers in ads? I checked net but in the mos window there is no choice named Nf? Please help Thanks alot
HI all, i was doing a lab tutorial download from the net. according to the tutorial :- To see the default symbol, click: View > Create/Edit Schematic Symbol. When the Symbol Generator dialog appears, click OK and the default symbol will appear i could found the " Create/Edit Schematic Symbol" under view. I'm using ads 2015. anyone can
Anyone know how to remove all the left over net labels on a schematic once a wire is deleted?I can not what you want to do at all. However almost all functions are available in Edit menus. Confirm Edit Menus.
Assign a name on a net for voltages, connect a I.Probe for currents then use them in equations.
I have encountered a problem when importing pspice model of GaN transistor EPC2015 into ads. The generated file includes a statement "ads_SPC_IF" which is said "not defined" in ads. How can I solve this? Can I import it into a net file, other than a schematic file, and then modify it with the syntax elaborated in this (...)
Currently it looks like you didn't write either piece of code and are primarily having a problem using them. Lookie here:
I hope this example help you better understand. 7-segment interfacing with Spartan-3 FPGA
For voltages, you should assign a net name for voltages which you're interested in , for currents, you should connect a I.Probe component in series at the branch which you're interested in then you have to do a transient simulation to get voltage/current versus time.
You can meet your requirements with 3rd order
Hello drkirkby, ads layout is quite capable of handling PCB designs, as most of the PCB design ends up with EM simulation in ads (back-end) New ads2012 offers many new Layout editing features to the table and is a lot easy then before. ads already has a nice net explorer, SI/PI Analyser for PCB flow to (...)
dds = data display template ds = data file The usual way to create Touchstone from ads data sets is to use Tools > Data File Tool ... from the data display If you want to do it manually by copy & paste from the table, you n
Hi! Prompt, please, as in ads schematic to create the offset microstrips (for example, topology of such look: )? In the standard element MSTEP of offset concerning the center isn't present as, for example, in the element MSSTEPX fro
Very simple. Add more than one parameter to the curves (button >> Add
Hello I want to design power amplifier by using ads , but the transistor that I want to use , I didn't find it thair , but when I looking for solution at net I found that I must download a design kit from Cree Inc. but I couldn,t find it. Can any one here help me or show me way to add the transistor ??? the transistor is GaN HEMT CGH40010.
Very sorry, The weekly build had gone wrong and somehow had a file disappeared. It is now corrected and double checked. Please try to download installation file again. Send me a PM if you want more assistance.
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I think your missing settings are in the EM setup document >
Please tell me how can I get Q-improvement using differential inductor? If you can remove the silicon and isolation layers between the wires, see here ;-)
i need c varactor of this image (mos varactor not p-n ok, but in this image which capacitor is varactor!? i think this schematic use pmos transistors as varactor capacitance
how to plot the Quality factor VS frequency plot in ads.. First, you need to enable Y parameter output in the S-param definition Then, in the data display, define your equation and plot it (drop down list: Equations) [url=images.ele