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Hello, let's say that I want all the pin with the same net/name, for example GND to be all poured over with no thermal gaps (hypothetically, I'm not actually going to do it) how do you do it? In AD, you can do that by checking "pour over the same net", but how do you do that in eagle? My colleagues simply draw traces all over and make it (...)
You can give a net multiple names in eagle? Eeek! Can't you just call it "DO/RX" ?? (1 name that includes both).
Find the nets and see how many connections they have? Sounds like you have added VCC but also used another net name for your power on other devices, leaving VCC as a single node net?
Use network Analyzer, if you need both magitude and phase responses.
Assign a name on a net for voltages, connect a I.Probe for currents then use them in equations.
Hi, I have a rather complex board that went through lots of modifications by more than one person. as a result, it has a few "left-over" tracks and vias that are not connected to anything, and therefore have the net set to "No-net". I want a rule that detects those. Is there a built-in one? if not, can you suggest a new one? I was thinking s
A node name between angle brackets - like your - is always expected as a bus net name. As the tool can't find the bus definition, it reports this error.
Hi initially wen doing layout in cadence i used VSS and gnd on the same substrate and got the error "label/pin on a net with differnet name". I got the suggestion to add a dnw layer and isolate the two. I put VSS within the dnw and outside gnd and the error was cleared. But now to get the output from a transistor's drain i need to drive it (...)
It is a really old obsolete optosiolator possibly with a Darlington output. Closest functional match MAY be a TIL111M... TI, Fairchild Appears to be Signetics part.
You should be able to list them all in the LVS Ground name and LVS Power name rules in your SVRF file. If you are using Calibre Interactive, it is in the supply tab for the LVS Options. See "Setting Power Supply Options" in the Calibre Interactive manual. (Supportnet link:
Here are few freeware circuit simulators that can help designing yourself the circuit.
the clk in red is just the name of the clock inside the SDC file (basically a local variable) the get_ports searches for a net called clk in the top level of the design (because no heirarchy was written).
1)part of net name: N21923609 Connected lines: 2 ( TOP ) Connected shapes: 1 ( TOP ) 2)part of net name: GND Connected lines: 3 ( TOP BOTTOM ) Connected shapes: 2 ( L4-GND1 L9-GND2 ) 3)part of net name: EVDD Connected lines: 1 ( BOTTOM ) Connected shapes: 2 ( TOP L7-PWR2 ) 4)part of (...)
Never used that feature. If I want to probe guts, I put a vcvs and resistor, ground referred, and a schbpin to bring the net out (if I don't just want to descend and probe). You could also assign a unique global net name (if this is a one-off block) and place a same-named wire stub at any level you like.
DRC error means Design Rule check related error sorry but I am using protues 8 but I think power pins nets are by default is VCC/VDD so you need to change the net name which you using for pin 31 which is #00025 so change the net name of your pin 40 to #00025 that solve your problem. To change (...)
The off-page connectors are working as can be seen from netlist. The issue is with ground. You should not give any net name to ground net. It is expected to be "0". Try removing B connector from both pages. This should resolve the error.
Which software are you using? If allegro means just click copy icon go to option tab in that there is a option "Retain net of vias" select it and paste the vias where ever you required the same net will maintain.
this looks like the TreeView component do a wed search for treeview and you will see plenty of examples
Hi I am trying to do logical connection to some cells with existing nets, but i am seeing "cannot promote net error" after trying to do logical connection, please help me on this.
try reading keypad and LCD interfacing.

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