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Featured reference Designs from TI: Small Form Factor 1W Wireless Power Transmitter reference
Featured reference Designs from TI: Small Form Factor 1W Wireless Power Transmitter reference
Featured reference Designs from TI: AUTOMOTIVE ?15A Current Sensor using Closed-Loop Compensated Fluxgate Sensor reference Design COMMS EQUIPMENT [URL="http
The question can't be answered generally. In many cases it's OK to use split power planes as ground for embedded strip lines or differential pairs. I did it quite often in mixed signal designs, there are however some prerequisites: - power planes have multiple low inductance bypass capacitors distributed over the board area - power nets don't c
A node name between angle brackets - like your - is always expected as a bus net name. As the tool can't find the bus definition, it reports this error.
Hi I have an edge detction module implemented in sys gen I have created that model by taking reference of a paper that I fond on net thats why I am not able to understand some part of it So please help me understand it. what is the purpose of registers?? also output coming shifted . but when I change the value of virtex2 line buffer to
Either voltage or current mode bias distribution has its plusses and minuses. With voltage mode you worry about ground offsets and cross-chip VT gradients. With current mode, especially very low currents (hence high net impedance) you worry about signal coupling from digital aggressors and HF power supply noise. Which of these is worse, depends o
Anybody knows how to interpolate delay values from the 3-D lookup table in the Liberty file? here are some sample template: /* 3-D table template f(i_trans, o_cap, r_cap) */ lu_table_template( f_itrans_ocap_rcap ) { variable_1 : input_net_transition; variable_2 : total_output_net_capacitance; variable_3 : rel
HFSS relies on IronPython (see .pyc files are generated by the reference python interpreter (cpython) and are not recognized by IronPython. The latest versions of IronPython include a script called which allows to generate executables, but I've never tested it so I can't say more on that one.
I would not recommend employ the AGND reference net at RS485 interface. Although electrically is essentially the same from DGND, at the PCB routing stage such distinction might be considered due to signal integrity issues.
Could use an IC having 4 comparators in a cascaded arrangement ( output from previous as input for the next ), and at the reference input of each one a R-C net to perform the desired delay.
i am working in verilog coding. i am getting the following error " illegal reference to net q " my code is as follow:- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- T-flip flop module tff(t,clk,reset,clear,q,qb); input t,clk,reset,clear;
@rajaram04: You should start learning how different electronic, active and passive, components work, not ALWAYS asking for circuit verification (the circuit that you've found on the 'net).
Old thread, I know, but for future reference - while you have hold of the floating via with the cursor, hit TAB to get the properties. Go to the net drop down and choose the net that you are going to drop the via onto. That via is now electrically connected to the correct net. I believe the newer versions of Altium have a (...)
Hi all, I am using Altium 13.3. When trying to run a simulation, I keep on getting this error message: 'Gnd Spice reference net (specified in setup options) is not in the schematic.' Could someone tell me what I am missing ? TIA Phil - - - Updated - - - never mind, I've got the solution: I add a GND/VCC
Just want to know if any one come across any DDR design referring to other power nets than DDR voltage? This is just for my reference as one of our design board with DDR 3 referring to 3.3V Pls provide your suggestions.
u will need to interface motor driver IC that is L293D and you will get reference from follow and images as follows