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Hello, I want to drive a network analyser over an isolation transformer. Thus the shields of the cables have no connection to earth. Are there any problems/difficulties with this set up?
Is anyone familiar with measuring the loop gain of a voltage regulator using a network analyzer? I've read about several methods using an isolation transformer to inject a floating voltage into the loop. My problem is that I don't have an isolation transformer. Here is a pdf explaining the method:
ICDev ENC28J60 Ethernet Module network Module * ENC28J60 Ethernet chips, SOP28 package * SPI Interface * 1x10 connector, can be easily mounted with the MCU * Built-in isolation transformer RJ45 connectors HR911102A * Power LED * Single Supply: +3.3 V * 25Mhz Crystal * PCB size: 55x36 mm From e-bay
Hello guys. I have got a couple of network adapters from which I have pulled out the 'isolation transformer ic'. One is 'HN16515' (Unknown manufacturer) and other is 'FT16-04B2' (FUN-JIN) The problem is, I couldnt find any sort of data sheet of these components. All I need is their exact pinout. I have determined the functions of some (...)
The specification for the ethernet magnetics is given clearly in the ENC28J60 datasheet: "A 1:1 pulse transformer rated for 10BASE-T operation is required." On the TX side, it needs a center tap. CT means center tap, not current transformer, by the way. Ethernet transformers can be found e.g. in old computer network adaptors.
the power supply part you an use your own supply, and just divide the input ac 230v using resister network, rectify it, add capacitor for filter
Hi, Is someone able to solve any doubt I have about the circuitry which must be set between the LAN PHY chip and the RJ45 connector? I know it is necessary to set a transformer, and I guess it works as an isolation protector against voltage peak coming from the RJ45 connector, but actually I cannot explain some physical aspects of its working
If your concern is about the galvanic insulation and if you have not to carry a DC signal, use an isolation transformer like the ones used in the network boards, it costs few bucks and are easly available ( yes, maybe you have to buy one million pieces !!!! ). Mandi
In our project a 1:2.5 isolation transformer is needed for ethernet applications. Our problem is that this part is hardly available in small quantities(1-2) in europe/austria. We look either for a RJ-45 with integrated isolation transformer or for an external. I also thought of using one from a network (...)
Hi, Yes, is possible... you must use a current transfomer for current measurement, and a voltage transformer for voltage measurement. With this devices you will have galvanic isolation between the AC network and your processor. Best regards; Pendragon