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can you please help me.:-o my problem is that every time i run my code performance varies (i mean accuracy of classification change)i'm using neural network for P300 Classification. i train my neural network with 3 sessions and i use 4th sessions to test neural network. here is my matlab code P=x2; Tg=y; (...)
I need to run a simulation in OPNET where i would like to study the effects on the performance of a Bluetooth network by presence of 802.11 devices in the vicinity.Can someone guide me with some tutorials or starters for this kind of study?
Dear friend; What you mean while saying “evaluate the sensor performance by using neural network” and “to evaluate an error”. Its sound comes to me a little bit strange. But if you want to make an estimator which converts sensor analog output to distance measurement, then it is an application of NN. To do so you should foll
Download it from the following link: Application and network performance with OPNET | Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Auditing, and Prediction
Hello members, am using Agilent ADS software to carry out performance studies on Mobile WiMAX (802.16e). My studies are based centrally upon the performance of Mobile WiMAX and on its use of Multiple Antenna Adaptive Systems channels to improve network coverage, increase throughput and decrease the bit or pack
Hi, I'm looking for information about how to improve TCP performance in MANET network. I know some current approaches like TCP-F, TCP-ELFN, ATCP, TCP-Bus, etc. but I have a problem with implement this solution in OPNET enviroment. I'm looking for source code (C/C++) how to change tcp mechanism to improve performance (f.e. through
We have a middle-scale C project for embedded network device development, and I need to choose one IDE between the IAR and Renesas HEW. The MCU is Renesas RX62N, and RTOS is a small-footprint not-so-popular one. Have anybody used both of these IDE before? What is your preference? Could you please let us know the main reason for your choice. T
Hi , I am started doing the research work based on wireless sensor network. in which i am concentrating at node level. is there any tool available to know and change the properties of the sensor that i am able to improve the lifetime / enhance the performance of the sensor network. can i use linux as a os for wsn ?? Thanks g kanna
Monitors and analyzes real-time, in-depth, network performance statistics for routers, switches, wireless access points, servers, and any other SNMP-enabled devices.Discover how easy it is to detect, diagnose, and resolve network problems with Orion network performance Monitor (NPM).
Hi, I'd want to monitor the performance analysis of mobile wimax in mesh network under Weighted-Node Method of load-aware network Entry. i want to matlab simulation code in this method. Can anyone help me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Hi, I'd want to monitor the performance analysis of mobile wimax in mesh network under different methods of load-aware. Hence, it'll be helpful to have a basic wireless mesh network model for me to improvise on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
There are a lot of RF PA application notes using quarter-wave line for bias network. I wonder how I can use it for wide band PA design? Anyone can help me with this?
Please i am to Develop a simulation of network routing through network based on a technique inspired from a model of ants (ANTNET ALGORITHM) and these are what am needed to do: CATEGORY OF WHAT AM TO DO 1) Simulation software programming and testing sub functions 2) Simulation and measurement of performance of a (...)
hi I am doing Msc level project using project is investigate and performance of wan network.can anybody help me?i need the network design.i need the proper documents.pls can anybody help me? kmwin
this performance analysis needs to be done by making a model in optisystem software for a broadband telecommunication network. the broadband network model should consist of different types of optical couplers so an analysis on there coupling losses can be done. Thanks.
Hello all, I want to simulate WiFi for WiLDNET(WIFI long distance network). i want to see the performance of the Wifi over 1km to 100 km... Please tell me which.... simulator is better for such simulation NS@ OR OPNET? i have 4 months to do this project... Quick reply will be appreciated
Hi Guys Can anyone help me with the code for Random Waypoint Model. It is a mobility model to test performance of a Wireless network consisting of nodes. And please let me know if it has a fixed code or it can be modified according to our need. Any help appreciated!
hi , i need this paper please help me. A wireless sensor network for structural health monitoring: performance and experience Author(s):Jeongyeup Paek, K. Chintalapudi, R. Govindan, J. Caffrey, S. Masri, The Second IEEE Workshop on Embedded networked Sensors (EMNETS'05) Acronym: emnets Year:2005 Issue:1 Page(s):1-9 Digital (...)
I agree ...its virtually impossible for anybody to give a detailed answer fr the above query through the forum...a better way would be to go through the documentation provided with the network analyzer and asking somebody to help with caliberation etc....and as to your question what the S11 graph will look like...well its going look like it did in
hi all, i need help regarding Demilitarised Zones in a network system particularly i need info on Costings, network equipment details , performance is considered thanks in advance bye