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I developed a wireless network to environment monitoring using SNAP... But I had to do few modifications to improve the performance of the entire system... Ive chosen SNAP after looking many others protocols... Let me know your application and I can suggest something more... See ya Rafael
This is based on your requirement. If you want the throughput is very high, you need some powerful CPU. Ask you chip supplier the CPU LAN port performance, then you can select. Embedded Linux is not the most important problem about the Speed Requirement. Added after 2 minutes: Some advice, Freescale(ori Mot
Hi, if you want to design a matching network without any data it will be almost imposible (you have to know at least something!). If you have small signal S parameters you can try starting from them and put some trimming pads in the layout to trim the performance in the large signal operation. Then you can take those trimmings into account and m
Hello! Is there anyone who has implemented the algorithms of the IEEE paper in matlab: ,,performance Analysis of networks with Unreliable Components" by K. Li and J.A. Silvester (1984) ? Please share it, I need it to my study, Thank you in advance, Thommer
A subnet allows the flow of network traffic between hosts to be segregated based on a network configuration. By organizing hosts into logical groups, subnetting can improve network security and performance. It also allows easier administration of the LAN
For estimation of the SMA connector phase vs frequency: connect two identical SMA connectors back-to-back and measure phase vs frequency using a Vector network Analyzer. Divide the measured phase performance by two to get the single SMA connector phase performance.
You can probably do this using an Antoniou GIC. Just making a series RLC network to ground. The inductor is simulated by 2 operational amplifiers (GIC). You can adjust either the inductor (adjust internal resistor of the GIC) or adjust the resistor from the RLC circuit, to get to the desired frequency. S.
It is up and running. I am working on putting an RF test plan together and the software for the network performance integration. I can't seem to find any engineer that have the field knowledge. Any ideas where I can get some help?
why not use on chip matching network for power amplifier? it is because on chip inductors have not enough Q or just use off chip matching network for tuning? who can tell me why?
Can anyone tell the price of Agilent 8720ES, 20 GHz network analyzer.
Where is the schematic for USB to USB file transfer cable be obtained? Does the software for USB networking exist? Will the performance be better than regular Ethernet type network? All contributions welcome! Thanks for your time and efforts. bimbla.