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Would you like to Determine latency and throughput limitations in your system? Conduct end-to-end system study of hardware, software, and network? Measure the power consumed by the semiconductor- SoC, FPGA and Processor? Partition your UML/MatLab model into hardware and software? Want a fast and accurate alternate to SystemC? [ATTACH=CONF
Hi friends In Razavi's book it's mentioned that an equivalent noise voltage source together with an equivalent noise current source is needed at the input of a two-port network to display its noise performance at input. Now, my question is that what is needed at input of a one-port network to display its noise performance? (...)
various antenna parameters get affected whenever the antenna is operated near the body. what are some possible methods and technique to maintain or improve the performance of the antenna when operated near body. one thing which i am already considering is the separation between antenna and body(> 2d2/lambda). can you refer any paper or book which h
Is there a Matlab code (simulation) to insert the effect of the Doppler shift in frequency, due to the mobility of the user in a relaying communication system? if anyone knows how to do it, can you please provide me with the code?? I'm trying to evaluate the system performance in the relaying network, i did it without the effect of the mobility
Hi, How does S22 of a device impact the performance of an RF Power Amplifier? I'd guess O/P matching network design etc. but I'd really appreciate some details. Thanks.
this code write language TCL in ns2 for simulating adhoc network with 10 connetcion : test.rar - - - Updated - - -
You have to design a feedback network that "eliminates" the, let me say, internal feedback of the device that allows the signal to go from output to input. So isn't matter of bias but feedback. This task can be more or less complicated depending on the S12 performance you want to achive as well as the bandwitdh you have to operate in. Probabily goo
From HFSS help file: Modal For calculating the mode-based S-parameters of passive, high-frequency structures such as microstrips, waveguides, and transmission lines which are "driven" by a source, and for computing incident plane wave scattering. network Analysis is the default and functions as before. Composite Excitation provides a method for
you can use a sensor network including distance sensor, IR sensors, etc to come up with a solution, otherwise you can use a kinect and develop your environment around it. For a better performance, you can create a 3d visualisation and accordingly feed commands to the user to take directions, Just the way its done for robots. I would strongly recom
I'm working to evaluate performance of dual-dual AF Relay MIMO network I need matlab code for simulate this problem ( ergodic Capacity) I have attached two papers Anybody can share me matlab code for this problem in these papers?
LEDs are suitable primarily for local-area-network applications with bit rates of 10-100 Mbit/s and transmission distances of a few kilometers HFBR-1116T Transmitter HFBR-2116T Receiver The HFBR-1116/-2116 series of data links are high-performance, cost-efficient, transmitter and receiver modules for serial optical data communication applic
Playing with the stability of a PA is not as simple as it look. First step would be choosing the input and output matching network topology. Usually a high-pass network for the input, and a low-pass for the output, get the best performance in terms of stability. On the other hand, placing any degenerative resistors on a Power Amplifier (...)
I want to do voice command recognition using neural network toolbox of matlab... but i dont know anything about this particular toolbox.. can anyone help me? where i can find a good tutorial about how to use it? i want to train network, giv inpur and take output from it... i just need the basic ideas and coding of neural network will b
hello every one i would ask you about something called CANbus to network Microcontrollers i read about this type of networks and i found that it is high performance network .. and i want to use it simply to connect two PICs. ,, in Mikroc PIC , i found a library specialized for CANbus .. but how to use ! if some (...)
If you have a two port network analyzer, you can measure these paths: - input to output 1 (with port 2 connected to 50 ohm load) - input to output 2 (with port 1 connected to 50 ohm load) - output 1 to output 2 (check "isolation", input connected to 50 ohm load)
I have an application where I need to attenuate some RF (2.4Ghz) prior to the antenna on the TX side. im trying to evaluate the pros and cons of a DSA vs a Analog attenuator made of a resistor network. Are there any issues from the perspective of performance(electrical,physics) that would negatively impact the perfo
is it possible to include neural networks or artificial intelligence with the routing protocols for manets in order to enhance its performance
Hi, I am going to design a low power biomedical transceiver for wireless body area network. Most of the papers in this field use 130nm technology. But I have no idea how technology impacts low power radio performance. Can anyone help /cite references to choose the proper technology? I understand that low power radio needs high Q inductor and h
Try performance Evaluation of an IEEE 802.15.4 Sensor network with a Star Topology Chandramani Kishore Singh, Anurag Kumar, and P. M. Ameer
The MT8572-N PowerPC development platform is a high performance development board released by MICETEK, based on the PowerQUICC III processor with dual cores, works at up to 1.5GHz. It consists of MPC8572 processor card and Type-N carrier and provides multiple high speed connectivity, such as Gigabit Ethernet port, PCI-Express and USB 2.0 port etc a