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Wireless sensor network is one of the growing area .... so search in that direction you can get plenty of material on it......... I will even recommend you have networking protocol implementation and design for highly encrypted data as One of the project...... with regards, Milind
Hello, I was wondering if I could get some help on implementing "cross layer protocol" or "UW(Underwater)-MAC protocol" in matlab? What kind of algorithm could I use? For example: Comparing BER and SNR? Thank you
Hi, I've to design a Density based Routing protocol which is an improvement over On Demand Routing protocol of Manet . In On Demand Routing protocol if a node desire to send a message to destination node it initiates a route discovery to locate the destination. Due to this message overheads/congestion occurs in (...)
Hi, I am working on a low power transceiver for Wireless Body area network protocol. How do I get the phase noise specs of my PLL from the protocol specs. The protocol specifies the transmitter specs like EIRP, transmit mask etc. and receiver specs like sensitivity , ACPR etc.
how to design a gateway? What are it's blocks? I want to connect wireless sensor network with internet
Hi Everybody, I have to design AER(address Event Representative protocol) in Vhdl for neural network application, I have done the code but i am not sure whether it is correct..I need everybodys help please help me.:cry: i have enclosed the paper and the code, and another thing is we are not implementing the CAM unit
In wireless network, when there are some collision, the packet can't be received, so the receiver don't send that packet ACK to the sender. There are many mechanism, one is when the sender don't receive ACK from receiver, then re-send the packet, until getting ACK from the receiver. This method can assure that no-packet is lost. Intereference caus
hi all' any one help me for finding data about " design a wireless network for bilding". and thanks.
What do you mean Cross Layer optimization in wireless network? Can anyone explain this?
Bumbar, Wired IP communication systems employ a "layered" network protocol design, made up of 5 layers that perform certain functions in the network. The physical, medium access control (MAC)/link and network layers are responsible for network access. FLASH-OFDM takes the same appr
Dear ALL Kindly let me know which is the best protocol that can be used to network 3 or more micrcontrollers? The total wire length is about 1500 ft at least. AKSHAT MEHRA
Does anybody know sample implementation of OSI Q3 protocol stack ,which can be used as refrence design ?