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Please suggest me a matlab code to find the best cell in a cell network with 19 hexagonal cells, each having 3 sectors and 4 small cell(pico cell) base stations are in one sector. The cell selection methods are Reference Signal Received Power(RSRP) and Reference Signal Received Quality(RSRQ).
Hello, I want to connect the outputs of 6 motion sensors to a uC input through a single wire (along with the 12VDC/GND wires). The motion sensor's outputs are solid state (normally closed) but I could use some miniature relays to get NO/NC if that helps. I thought of using a distributed binary weighted resistor network and a current source at th
Hi. I am working on relay selection problem in outage restricted network. When I read papers, outage in relayed network is defined in two ways, (a) some papers say outage probability as the probability that SNR is below a threshold level, (b) other papers say probability that transmission rate is greater than end-to-end support (...)
I didn't pay attention to the second stage, but I believe that LM339 should have a lower pull-up resistor than 10k. I don't see the purspose of mixing up the pull-up resistor selection with a positive feedback network, I won't do that.
try using a transformer (say 0- 6 VAC secondary) the secondary voltage converted to DC will be analogous to the line voltage...a potential divider network with suitable resistances will bring the voltage down to 5 VDC (at maximum voltage). There may be linearity errors..but on careful selection of resistors you could get an accurate reading.. Anot
Greetings, I am designing a PLC application, and I need a reliable modem for this (IC, not modules, as it will be integrated in small devices). I have studied the Yitran IT700, MAXIMs MAX29xx, NXP TDA5051, LM2893 and ST75xx until now. I was tempted to go with ST7540, but I saw some negative opinions on this forum. Does anybody have
When I set the impedance of source or load,if choosing complex impedance and entry 42.5-j*55,the result show in smith chart is 42.5+j55.After choosing the selection of "interpret as input impedance",the result will be 42.5-j*55. Who can tell me why? Thanks. Yang...
hello, currently we are doing a wireless sensor network using xbee. The Rx and Tx is already succeeded. Right now we're working on how to do a menu selection with lcd display. The execution happen only once and then it stop. We seem to not know what is the problem happen whether the hardware or the programming itself.Here i attach the coding..maybe
I am posting two solutions for your network. It is up-to you that which solution you choose.
I am a PhD student working on coopcom with relay selection. You may know the journal of Bletsas about "Simple Cooperative diversity method based on network path selection". In my system, there are 2 relays ,I select the best relay, and send my BPSK signal to the destination. The relay selection algorithm that (...)
hi. is there a free program, what I could use to simulate a capacitor network? selection of different capacitors (mixed ceramic and tantalium), multiple quantities, different values together... I would like to simulate the result impedance over frequency, for decoupling network design for digital systems. I found these, but not (...)
Can anyone please refer me to materials(documents/book/url) regarding GSM network planning. Thanks M
Hi all , I'm gonna select a topic for my final year thesis in the field of digital signal processing and digital communication. I have passed speech processing , pattern recognition , adaptive filters, and also I have got CCNA (cisco certification in network). I have these choices: 1- An application of adaptive filtering ( lik
Dear All, Can some provide information on the occasion on selection between port extension and phase delay on the network analyser calibration ? I already knew that has some information but it is not clear enough. BR Rayengine