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Hi all, I am designing an amplifier. I finished the schematic and working on EM simulation right now. But they are actually not the same. What would be reasons? Thanks. When you start to follow a proper design flow. You will understand why. 1. Design your matching network with a ideal lumped component
Dear all, I am a beginner. I need some opinion/help. Here is my situation. I am designing a transformer matching network (TMN) for a PA. I do not have ADS PDK but working in CADENCE PDK. My question is do I have to design layout in CADENCE then export gds file to E.M software such as HFSS/ADS momentum for electromagnetic simulation and
I have a DC voltage derived from a sensing resistor divider network which is in the range of 1.5V to 2.5Volts. How can I amplify and offset this voltage to the range of 0-5V for MCU ADC? I have +12V available. Thanks
Hello Everyone !!! I'm simulating a linear 4 elements patch array on ansoft designer v2.2 at a single frequency I've placed, in the planarEM, the four patches with separate ports. Now I need to view the antenna beam moving with the phase difference of the port excitation. If i simulate the network and, after, i visualize the far-field,
The simplest way I can imagine is to plot the smith chart. So make a port, your matching network, and your load, then simulate at the frequency of interest using the S parameter simulation. Plot the smith chart and see if the line crosses the center of the chart right at the frequency you care about. Moreover, ADS has a handy impedance matching uti
Is there a Matlab code (simulation) to insert the effect of the Doppler shift in frequency, due to the mobility of the user in a relaying communication system? if anyone knows how to do it, can you please provide me with the code?? I'm trying to evaluate the system performance in the relaying network, i did it without the effect of the mobility
Please suggest me a matlab code to find the best cell in a cell network with 19 hexagonal cells, each having 3 sectors and 4 small cell(pico cell) base stations are in one sector. The cell selection methods are Reference Signal Received Power(RSRP) and Reference Signal Received Quality(RSRQ).
MNA-MAT, a MATLAB based analog circuit simulation tool, uses Modified Nodal Analysis to reduce a SPICE netlist to a system of equations which yield voltage at and current through specific points in the network. Monte Carlo analysis adds further functionality by evaluating possible uncertainties in real-world working conditions. The tool,
May be your "standard equations" are wrong. It's a simple AC network and can be well calculated. If you want others to check it, you should post the complete calculation, including a source/derivation of the standard equations.
In OPNET simulation tool while running simulation i got this error. simulation terminated by process (manet_imep) at module (top.Campus network.mobile_node_3.ip), T (11.236) , EV (260) Terminating simulation in IMEP Please help me if anybody knows answer.
i have an antenna whose Zin i have calculated and then use a lumped network(L- shaped network using inductor and capacitor) to match that to a 50 ohm line at 2.4 when i am simulating this on hfss i am getting some other resonant frequency so on slightly changing the lumped elements value it is getting tuned to 2.2 GHz but not on 2.4, also e
I got many S1P file from network i want to import these file into ads . i already import a single file but i need to import all the file at a time so that i can compare the result so pleas help in this issue.
Without looking at your design, I'd have to say that it's expected. Commercial Yagi antennas typically have some kind of matching network (Gamma, Delta, etc.) to tune the antenna impedance to near 50/75 ohms.
I created a dipole antenna in CST and built it by hand using componants in my lab. The problem is that when I use the network analyzer to measure the impedance and VSWR, the results are not the same as the simulation. I can create a matching circuit using ADS or change the measurements of the length/width of the dipole, but I feel that this sho
Hi To me it doesnt look that you are doing a monte carlo simulation: you can see this in the toolbar "Single Run, Sweeps and Corners". This should be Monte Carlo Analysis Then on the error you are getting, it seems you are having a network/server error. Are you running the job locally?
I am designing an electrically small antenna loaded by negative capacitor realized by negative impedance converter. In HFSS, the antenna is treated as a two-port network, one port (Port1) for excitation, and the other (Port2) for negative capacitor placement. After HFSS simulation, the S2P file was extracted and imported into ADS. In ADS, t
Dr. Muehlhaus Consulting & Software GmbH We assist you with antenna simulation for 433MHz, 868/915MHz, RFID, WLAN, miniaturized antenna design, antenna matching network synthesis, yield investigation etc.
Hello all, I have a large RC network that I am simulating in HSPICE (on Linux). The voltage sources are all DC and the current sources are random PWL signals. I am trying to figure out the number of system solves that HSPICE is performing to finish the simulation. In the output generated on the terminal, there are two entires: "tot. iter" and "c
Please suggest me some simulation tool to simulate time synchronization protocol for wireless sensor network.The other option for me is to work on hardware for that i have to understand tiny OS properly if anyone knows about tiny OS plz tell me from where to start..Hope i will get some solution from here..have a nice day :)
Hi I need to simulate a cellular network in a 3G environment, consisting of 18 BSs that are located in center of cells. The total area is 5*5 km. I did'nt use MATLAB before. How can I create this in MATLAB? thanks