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Hi ThisIsNotSam, Thanks for your insight! I am more and more suspect you are right. I am using a 9 metal layers version in my layout while the filer file can cover till 11 layers. nevertheless, I did not find any place to change the metal layer definition... When you said to "edit" the file, did you mean massive man
FPGA logic implementation uses configurable logic elements as low level primitives not transistors. In so far "switch level" is useless for FPGA implementation. Switch level description could be translated to FPGA logic nevertheless. Switch level can be at least emulated in VHDL using std_ulogic states.
Do you want to use the pressure transducer with its dedicated amplifier, or include the amplifier function in your design? In the latter case, does your design need to provide fully galvanic isolation like the shown bp amp? The stimulation waveform generation and respective control algorithms are apparently beyond the scope of this thread. Never
I attached a 1k resistor to the output of a 741 op amp, and the voltage dropped 5 percent. I was surprised although it turned out to be reasonable when I saw a schematic of 741 internals. The output stage is a half-bridge with neighboring resistor values 25 & 50 ohms. This doesn't sound like a lot but nevertheless it calculates as a few percent of
Seriously I don't understand the purpose of an active filter behind a class D amplifier. nevertheless a linear filter with almost flat pass band (it's actually a 1.5 dB ripple Chebyshev) can hardly worsen SNDR, thus I presume you are calculating it somehow incorrect. - - - Updated - - - Does the conne
Schottky diodes involve no minority carrier charge storage and thus no reverse recovery by design nature. Junction capacitance has to be charged nevertheless, you'll refer to capacitance curves. They should be given with full data sheets, otherwise you need to measure it.
The linked article discusses specific details of controllers manual to automatic switching and is obviously not intended to teach basic terms of control engineering. nevertheless it gives you an idea about the purpose of mode switching, if you just read it thoroughly. Consider that a controller is not necessarily always active. It may be activa
The small drill-to-drill spacing is no problem for same net vias. As explained, it's the via copper and to some extent solder filling that provide heat sinking. I see that VIPPO technology (via in pad plated over) may be a solution if you require a very flat interface at the bottom side. nevertheless I would try with standard thermal via techno
It depends. Expect the zener diode to absorb most of the ESD energy. Fast rising discharge current combined with diode inductance can cause nevertheless 50 or 100 V overvoltage.
unlikely to work Surprisingly, Modelsim accepts the partial association, both for procedures and components. Quartus does for components, but doesn't support partial association for procedures. nevertheless, temporary signal is the safe way.
There are surely more intelligent solutions than storing the motor position continuously in EEPROM. For reliably operation, it needs power fail circuit with a few ms capacitor power backup that can be also used to copy the position to EEPROM on power fail and intentional shutdown only. nevertheless you'll need a means to recover the absolute pos
The closest approximation I have been able to make is a capacitor sometimes, or a voltage source sometimes. The capacitor imitates the battery charging. It tells whether charging occurs, whether the circuit tapers the charge rate, or halts, or continues charging indefinitely. The voltage source tells how the presence of a battery influences Amper
The equation you refer to is approximate in quite a few ways. Misleading since it is not accurate enough. You do not have the channel length modulation in the equation, for a start, which explains the slopes of the curves for higher Vds. Id = beta * (vgs - vth)^2 * ( 1 + vds / vtheta ) The slope is inversely dependent on the channel length (vthe
You can know who owns Autodesk, it's a market listed US corporation. The simple reason why they are implementing a subscription license model for Eagle is that they did before with their mechanic CAD products like AutoCAD and Inventor. Enough of conspiracy theory, I think. Autodesk is maintaining AutoCAD since 35 years, they should be capable to
I think a picture would simplify, it's hard otherwise to know what M4 and M5 are. nevertheless, biasing those should not really be complicated. Do you have the correct mirror ratios?
Disadvantage Small amount of leakage current flow even the relay closed, it is hazardous UL Never approve this circuit because of human safety concern That's off-topic for a single pole contactor, I think. The load is still connected to the mains, with open or closed contact. Capacitor must have nevertheless X2 rating. Saf
FFT and lock-in amplifier are totally different things Absolutely. nevertheless there are some applications where lock-in amplifier and FFT spectrum analyzer can be used both. Unfortunately garimella didn't tell his application.
Here are some more infos and a gerber file with the top-layer data. I know the problems of comparing measurements and simulations from my own experience. nevertheless, I would be interested to know how far away the results are.
@ barry: In fact, it's about 700 of them, not four. And I need to populate a big batch of boards I plan to build with these diodes. nevertheless, I agree with you. Even $70 is not a big deal to order the correct diodes for my circuit. By the way, the schematic in the photo has nothing to do with this circuit or the diode concerned! Thank you a
If you want to have the FlipFlop for those "registers", you Must use the non-blocking assignment. You are using Blocking assignment which can be inferred to combinational logic or latch. Not exactly correct. The essential point for latch synthesis is the said "combinational always block", no matter if you use blocking or non-bloc

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