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You can build a PLL with no divider (I did it several times). nevertheless, many questions are still to answer: - What is your reference frequency? - What is your output frequency? - What are you building? A demodulator? A synthesized generator? - Do you need your output frequency to be adjustable? What is the minimum step? - Etc...
100 nF sounds much more comfortable than 2 ?F. 10 - 50 Vpp nevertheless involves AC currents of A rather than ?A at 500 kHz. Something seems to be wrong with your calculation. In any case, a high voltage respectively power OP (according to the actual required output current) seems to be the best solution.
There are well understandable reasons why a 100 MBPS ADC should use differential inputs. A number of recent ADC can be nevertheless used single ended with 0 - 3 V input range. A certain linearity reduction compared to fully differential input drive must be tolerated. A fully differential amplifier gives you all options of voltage scaling, level
An intact soldermask layer will have sufficient dielectric strength and not melt under regular conditions according to it's 155 C temperature class. nevertheless it's not designed to be used as insulation film. I won't do it.
Hi Add a micro controller that takes the button and encode it with equivalent keyboard hex code and use your Snake game to detect it. nevertheless, it requires some effort but you can do all of it inside proteus once you get the encoding running :)
Digital potentiometers with 15 V voltage range are available, e.g. from Analog Devices, probably from other vendors too. You should be able to locate them by product search on manufacturer's web sites. nevertheless it's a expensive and in my opinion unneccessary complicated method to change display brightness. Most designs are using variable du
I addition to the pros as listed in the above posting it is to be mentioned that negative feedback decreases the dynamic stability of the amplifier. That means: Reduction of the stability margin. nevertheless, negative feedback is the classical method for designing linear signal amplifiers.
Usually, the behaviour of BJTs in saturation is described by a saturation voltage rather than a resistance. It also involves an offset voltage. A differential resistance can be calculated for a specific operation point nevertheless. The total "on-resistance" will be comprised of an ideal transistor equation related and a bulk resistance part. Th
Code protection is one thing, not to mention that this particular pic is OTP. Worse tthan that - most of semiconductor companies offer Mask-ROM versions of products. This means that program is embedded directly into silicon die. This is of course very expensive, but nevertheless cost-effective at very high quantity and some companies (not only auto
To be precise, C or C++ don't rely on a specific number representation, neither for integer nor float quantities. This point is considered implementation dependent. Fixing a specific number format (nevertheless most compilers are using IEEE-754) would foil code portability.
You might want to check the new always_ff, always_comb and always_latch blocks. So for example this here link . Thank for reply. I am, of course, aware of the always_ff, always_latch and always_comb blocks (maybe, I have had to write
Firstly, use a VHDL simulator. Secondly, the answer depends on the capabilities of your VHDL compiler. Altera Quartus is e.g. understanding divide expressions for ieee.numeric_std unsigned and signed type. nevertheless it may be reasonable to use a pipelined divider component from a vendor library to achieve sufficient timing performance.
It seemed to me that there is something wrong in the words "binary noncoherent FSK" in the problem. If we substitute that by "binary coherent PSK", and maximum data rate of 1.2 kbits/s instead of 2.4 kbits/s, it makes sense. In which context is the problem proposed? nevertheless, like Lomaxe, I don't like paragraph (b). Regards Z
Hi 1) An exponential curve does not pass by (x,y)=(0,0), so what you want doesn't have an exact solution. nevertheless, some approximatins are possible, like a first linear chord starting at (0,0) that joins an exponential characteristic at which it is tangent. Are you looking for exponential gain or for exponential input-output charact
Without seeing the part or a more detailed description of the problem, I am shooting in the dark. I have never had that problem. What version of Eagle are you using? nevertheless, here are some thoughts. I suspect you are trying to move it by clicking on it. Be sure all layers are shown. Can you see the little placement cross to click on?
Hi, it would be necessary to check the results against theory for this particular code (have you the theoretical result?) nevertheless, your first result seems to give a result better to the theoretical capacity limit for AWGN channel with rate=1/2 at Eb/No=0dB (see figure). I would check the
I agree with permute, that there are better ways to design a sequential divider. nevertheless, you should be able to make your original idea of repeated substraction work, otherwise it's unlikely that have better luck with other methods. Following a state machine approach involves, that you define the purpose of each state in a reasonable way. Y
Hi! I have no experience with the Ansoft designer and am just starting to get used to it. nevertheless, I already know what the final aim of my work is. I need to realize a radial stub on a grounded coplanar waveguide (like in the picture). I'd like it to have a variable radius, angle and connection width. 63726 Im
Markings of this kind are usually assuming knowledge of a device principle circuit. They are not primarly intended to support guessing about unknown components. nevertheless "AK" is almost self explanatory in my opinion. It can e.g. refer to the center tap of a half bridge, in other words a terminal, that's connected to both, anode and cathode.
I agree with Erikl, that it's impossible to determine the core material form the given information. nevertheless, you could try to make at least this information clear. - toroid radius 16,7mm 9mm with 6.3mm I can't relate these numbers to a core geometry. Usual geometry description in datasheets is outer and inner diameter a