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Hey, I noticed that ADS has to some extent a built in functionality to call MATLAB scripts. However, this seems to be for very specific types of simulations only. So here's my question: Does anybody know of a way to include an external script (preferably MATLAB, but Python or C++ or whatever would also be worth a try) in a ADS circuit simu
The problem is about reading the manual. It says USB Port USB 2.0 Device for connection to PC running DSE configuration suite only. Should be read as: The USB interface is using a proprietary and undocumented protocol and isn't intended to communicate with user software. It might be nevertheless possible to decode the proto
Typical circuit so that 0-5V can control operation of a P-device. high ohm resistors connected to supply rails are a necessary safety feature. They cause the transistors to turn off fully. Then you can disconnect the control device, yet the transistors will not conduct. [COLOR
Ambient magnetic/EM fields (example, AC mains hum) can reach the wire joining the inputs. Although it is a common mode signal to the op amp, nevertheless it is an unwanted signal. It can cause unwanted response from the op amp. This is one reason that guidelines tell us to tie inputs (separate or joined) to some definite volt level.
The main reason that refresh isn't performed automatically in standard DRAM is that it might conflict with read or write accesses. The controller knows best how refresh operations can be scheduled without affecting throughput. In addition, DRAMs have a self-refresh mode can maintain the memory content when DRAM clock is stopped. It might be used
I notice a partly different usage of terms. What you call "safety ground" is named PE (protective earth) in international standards. Protection is always about a path used by a surge to connect to earth ground. That's true as far as building or plant wide surge protection in power distribution and communication lines is addressed.
The schematic in post #1 seems wrong, the transistor is shorting the battery. Presumed this is only a drawing fault, it should be corrected nevertheless. How much is the load current, what's the battery size? If the load is just too big for the battery, there's no software trick to overcome the problem.
Most manufacturers have footprint suggestions, may be Hitachi has it in a different document. Said FP-128 package isn't based on a JEDEC or EIAJ standard, all dimensions are Mitsubishi private. It' nevertheless possible to copy the footprint parameters from another manufacturer's component with similar pin spacing, width and length. Once you have s
Perhaps it is not easy to find controller IC's for the boost converter. (It is more difficult to regulate than the buck converter.) nevertheless we can learn from other sources which do not depend on the MC34063. See my posts in the thread below. They have links to basic simulations of switched-coil converters. They do not use IC's. They run in Fa
Of course, for FDD(Frequency division duplex) direct-onversion receivers, The IM2(2 order intermodulation) contaminates the desired Rx signal due to Tx leakage, as shown below : 130824 nevertheless, that is because the IM2 is near the down-converted baseband Rx signal in frequency domain. But~!! Some do
As said, technical compressed air systems are using compressor on-off control together with pressure tanks and mechanical pressure regulators. nevertheless analog pressure control using a variable speed compressor is an option for special purposes. What's your application?
Nick; the problem is; once that you have detected an overcurrent condition (by whatever the means), the Triac will nevertheless remain in conduction for the remaining of the half cycle. Worst case, we are talking a 10 ms delay. There is nothing you can do -easily- to prevent that. Relays don't work. The very fastest power relays I've measur
Hi everyone, I am using an technology which provides the IO cells with layout but no schematics and symbols. In order to facilitate the creation of the pad ring, we made the schematics and symbols for the IO cells that we need. nevertheless, such cells has not an associated netlist. I think there is a file with the netlists of all IO cells of th
I find this IC a bit strange and messy. I would expect this type of IC to have a digital interface so we can communicate with it via SPI, I2C or some other interface. If you think so, you have chosen the wrong chip. ADI has both, accelerometers with analog and digital interfaces, simply review
If C10 battery is charged within 5 hours will it follow C5 curve? Looks like you don't understand the meaning of C/xx ratings. There's no thing like a "C10" battery. nevertheless you can derive the intended curves from the given ones (as an estimation, by interpolating current values etc.)
Seems to me that it's possible to position I/O at any level between the supply rails, even with a high supply voltage. nevertheless you must consider power dissipation of components which drop greater watts, the higher the voltage.
not interested in buying one already made. If you feel like experimenting, this is a simple method to turn 12VDC into 24VAC sinewaves. It combines: * full H-bridge * oscillating action through LC 2nd order butterworth configuration * automatic detection of resonant frequency * boosts supply voltage to a higher vol
I adapted one of my simulations to your specs. It just so happens that the duty cycle is short enough so it can be rotated through the 8 converters, one after the other. A 4017 IC (1-of-10 counter) is all it takes to rotate pulses to 8 buck converters. Each turns on for 12.5 percent duty cycle. Total output is 1.5V, 100A. [url=obrazki.el
Hi, from the following link : A MMPA (MultiMode MultiBand Power Amplifier) can cover GSM / WCDMA / LTE nevertheless, some designs adopt a stand-alone PA for GSM. As the photo below : 128748 The design increases cost and PCB pla
I agree that the question is a bit confused, but the observed effect seems rather clear nevertheless. You see transformer interwinding capacitance which doesn't appear in your specified parameters