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I need to calculate 3db power gain. The file uses unsigned library & i cannot change/add signed library as the file is being used by others as well. Sounds confused. Why don't you use ieee.numeric_std library and regular signed data type (or may be ieee.std_logic_arith if you have a passion for outdated VHDL)? nevertheless your c
Presume you are talking about EPM3512A. I understand that the JTAG chain is basically working, otherwise you would get different errors. I didn't work with MAX3 family since 10 years or so, but I guess, "can't verify" will happen if you set the security bit in the design. It should be functional nevertheless. Another possible trap door of MAX
It doesn't look like the preferred SCART socket type to connect wires. I'm not even sure if it's a generally available standard product. But I presume the pins of your socket are solderable nevertheless.
The general idea Pt100+R1 will stay. Interestingly non of the contributors in this thread seems to refer to the simple voltage divider configuration, everyone is suggesting a constant current source topology and linearization methods presuming a linear resistance measurement. The voltage divider circuit is nevertheless a valid op
A "rubber duck" or "spring" (helical wire) hasn't much to with a helix antenna with dimensions in the order of wavelength. In so far you can safely forget about using the online calculator. It should be nevertheless possible to evaluate the antenna parameters with an EM solver, e.g. HFSS. Can you show a Smith chart and magnitude curve of S11 obt
I also agree that it's a quite plausible question, and some times I even recall myself the same question. As a particular standpoint, I believe that posting piece of a copyrighted materials in "Threads" intended to ask questions perhaps should be very different than posting at "Blog" sections, that is a place designated to place our own articles, s
without load there will be full input voltage on output No. Using 120 ohm in the voltage divider as mentioned by Audioguru will give sufficient load over the specified input and output voltage range. The originally chosen 220 ohm will also work in most cases, but could result in a too high unloaded output voltage for marginal chips
IR2110 and similar drivers aren't design to drive PMOS transistors. I must confess that I didn't completely realize the change form buck to boost converter, the ground referred transistor can be driven by a low-side driver without bootstrap circuit, the circuit suggested in post #9 should work nevertheless.
Isolator transient rating is irrelevant for the bootstrap resistor at first sight. I don't know how much transient voltage does the series resistor see. I can just confirm that in my design, we had no noticeable heating of the series resistor (according to IR camera). If you try to keep pulse ratings of regular thin or thick film resistors stric
Motor capacitors have often +/- 20% tolerance. 13.5 ?F won't be far from specified value in this case. Starting torque will lower with the low capacitor nevertheless and can cause problems, depending on the (unsaid) motor application. Motor windings burn for different reasons. Mechanical overload/stall is probably most common, a manufacturing de
They are FPGAs, but nevertheless advertised as CPLD... 124343
For FDD communication system, there is Tx leakage If we don't want desense issue, we need enough isolation of duplexer. In general, e.g. CDMA or WCDMA, the isolation should be at least 50 dB. My question is, how is the "50 dB" derived ? Account for LNA P1dB ? If we assume the PA out = 27 dBm, isolation = 50 dB That is, the Tx le
Yes a balanced/symmetrical power supply is used. No, not resistors INSTEAD of a capacitor. It's about the principle. As far as I know the DC voltage is cancelled out. nevertheless you see this DC blocking capacitor in many designs???
Hi, In terms of PAR, higher order modulation scheme, more susceptible to nonlinearity distortion. Besides, in terms of modulator, higher order modulation scheme, more susceptible to I/Q imbalance. Thus, in theory, the EVM specification of higher order modulation scheme should be more relaxed. nevertheless, as shown in the figure below
Hi, If 2 tones produce intermodulation(IMD) fa, fb their bandwidth are : BWa and BWb IMD2: fa +- fb IMD3 : 2fa+-fb or 2fb+-fa Then, the bandwidth of IMD2 is BWa + BWb the bandwidth of IMD3 is (2BWa + BWb) or (2BWb + BWa) Thus, higher order of IMD, wider its bandwidth I know the conclusion is from convolution of Fourier trans
It's not clear if you are talking about infected documents (e.g. containing malicious java script code), a corrupted Acrobat installation or possibly both. On a recent Windows OS (Windows 7 or above) a virus can't easily modify the Acrobat binaries without user confimation. nevertheless you may want to disable jave script execution in Acrobat.
Default baud rate will be 9600.. Default setting is AT+IPR=0 (autobaud). Default baudrate is nevertheless 115200, read the SIM900 AT manual. It's also said that module is sending a few bytes at 115200 during startup.
dxf files, other than pdf or bitmap graphics come with exact dimensions, because it's a mechanical CAD data format. If you see wrong size, it's either a problem of your viewer or wrong dimensions setup in HFSS. nevertheless dxf files can be scaled to intended exact size in a CAD tool. A number of full featured gerber tools can import dxf and con
I believe the question is well answered in literature and can be quickly found at Google. nevertheless, to give the basic idea. The order is the order of temperature compensation function. Zero order: No temperature compensation at all, just trim the reference value. Leaves a temperature proportional error First order: Linear temperat
I am interested, in the groups consensus, with respect to using a TDA7052A in place of the common LM386 in low voltage amp designs. General topic, but nevertheless, should spark some interesting bullet points. Thanks in advance.

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