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I understand why I_Cboot current flow through Cboot capacitor. because Vx is fixed voltage, but Vout voltage is not fixed, when Vin voltage switches from its logic-high level to 0 v. But voltage cross the Cs capacitor is fixed, not changed. nevertheless, why Ics = Icboot ? in my opinion, voltage cross the Cs is fixed,
Let me just add my knowledge to this discussion... There is no phenomena in A to D Convertion!!! A convertion is a human innovation to make the analog world more comprehensive to human and their mechanic/electronic applications. nevertheless, we can't explain the ADC saying that ADC is using a DAC... In terms of a mechanic example here is
Though I had well read your message that talks about DAC, here is a doc that explain how to test an ADC... Let's assume that parameters are quite the same... nevertheless, I think that methods are similar bye
JMP and CALL are generic jumps and calls that do not represent a specific opcode. JMP may assemble to SJMP, AJMP, or LJMP. CALL may assemble to ACALL or LCALL. nevertheless a JMP intruction exists: JMP @A+DPTR
This is such a "latest" chip. nevertheless, there are numerous sources available...
The solution is not easy. You can use an "expensive" Serial Port Adapter to Bluetooth, ( ) with a serial mouse. Then you have to supply both, the mouse and the adapter. The PC only need a cheap USB to Bluetooth adaptor. nevertheless, I donīt understand this. We can use a wireless mouse.
5-6 um^2 in STM and UMC 0.13um i believe that the posted 10um^2 for 0.18 is realistic nevertheless, you can answer this question yourself if you browse the datasheet for the standard cell lib. the_penetrator?
It's a strange thing to need.But nevertheless here's how I would do it: A pic 16F84 can have 13 available outputs.Imagine that you have the full-moon face printed on a disk 15cm. in diameter.Behind it put some semitransparent white plastic material.Then behind the disk you make 13 independent compartments opaque to each other.Then put inside 13 wh
Hello all, I know the private messaging rules very well and I'm sorry to use the public forum space for myself. nevertheless i thought it would unpleasant to leave an help request without any response. I sent a private message to murad to answer his question and I confirm my effort in scanning the requested book by nalino on CDMA Signa
SABOR software is interesting, nevertheless I'm lloking for analytical expressions. Thanks
some words from a dinosaur :-) I wrote assembly code for 8080, Z80, 8051, HPC and PIC and I thought I did it well nevertheless, 10 years ago I had a course in programming ?C in C there was alot of headache before the first program worked but through the years I discovered the great benefits of C today I write programs for PIC, 8051 and M16C in