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I concur with Crutschow about the output series resistor but it is nevertheless a strange circuit. Without any series input resistor the feedback network may not work anyway, it would rely on the previous stage to allow the gain to be set. Can you show the circuit around it so it can be seen in context. Brian.
Sorry, but the voltage drop reports are too unclear to give helpful suggestions from a distance. The 12V regulator output would only drop if the input voltage falls below e.g. 13 V. Similar with 5V regulator. PIC operation can be nevertheless affected by relay contact arcing if the processor circuit has unsufficient bypassing, or MCLR or serial
is there any way to do the instantiation inside always block I presume you already know the answer is no. It's nevertheless easy to connect the in-and outputs of the instantiated module with sequential code inside an always block by wires and regs.
voltage gain or power gain? S-parameter simulation is only a small-signal analysis, while transient includes large signal analysis. nevertheless, check your current and voltage waveforms from transient analysis.
ADS1174 having ?0,0045 LSB INL Nope. +/- 0.3 LSB, which is still excellent. An INL specification includes an upper limit for DNL, by the way. SAR and SD converters have both their specific pros and cons. Obviously SD-ADC have superseded other topologies in the low and medium speed range, you are taking the dataconversion "main ro
Maximum read speed is restricted by the EPC Gen 2 protocol which you may want to study. From my limited knowledge of EPC, 1 ms seems unrealistic at first sight, at least several ms are needed I believe. nevertheless I see several readers that have a programmable read rate respectively a read trigger input.
Impressive! To address a possible problem nevertheless. With 60 V bus voltage, there's hopefully sufficient margin to get away without any bus capacitors near the IGBT bridge. When increasing the bus voltage to a regular 310 or 560V level, this might bring up serious issues.
I am using SIM900 manual and using SIM900A, and had successfully done following things:- Receiving Call Disconnecting Call Sending SMS Receiving SMS Connecting with GPRS (TCP and UDP Both) Send data to a TCP Server. and everything works fine. This has been also my guess. Up to now, SIMCOM was trying to keep AT command inte
It's not generally impossible to pass several steps of data manipulation in a single clock cycle. In this case, blocking assignments may be used in sequential logic. But you should consider that timing closure becomes difficult at higher clock speed. And probably more important for a beginner, the code looses it straightforward style. Verilog ru
"Dumping code" means loading a FPGA configuration? It's actually about to impossible that the same configuration works with different FPGA types. nevertheless you should tell the exact devkit names.
This is Output Impedance of the amplifier and it should be matched to 50 Ohm to get the Delivered Maximum Power.nevertheless it doesn't impact the modulation scheme but delivered power is droped if matching is not done.
Hi all, The problem described in this post is about work in Cadence tools (Virtuoso, Spectre, Assura and QRC). I am facing a problem when trying to extract the substrate parasitics (substrate only!) with QRC from a layout, the technology being used is Cadence gpdk090. The system is a simple inverter, and I am able to do all the steps up to
To be more dramatic than the 8 bit timer example exposed by axcdd. Suppose you want to count 1 ms and your FPGA has a 50 MHz clock. Your timer should count up to 500.00. The next value logic of your timer should be of 16 bits. Many FPGAs (Cyclone II, Spartan 3) will find trouble fitting the logic at this frequency. Not actuall
how to make a ssr using triac to switch 5aurrent at 230v rating. please post any circuit diagram what is the term zero crossing detector in triac drivers such as moc3041 what is the use of it can i use moc3021 for switching application that is triggering triac please suggest some circuits Hi kalyan I've a better suggestion
There are detailed explanations in the datasheet, particularly in paragraph 7.6 "Using the External Oscillator". FT232R will be typically used in the bus-powered configuration (Vcc = 5V VBUS) with the default internal oscillator. The IO voltage can be nevertheless 3.3V.
Sir, Yes, I found difference in the simulation of linear and nonlinear circuit model with same circuit for both. If the differences are smal, it's normal.Because nonlinear moel is "an extracted" equivalent circuit and it represents the circuit behaviour upto certain level.Their accuracy is totally depe
What is the circuit Designing parameters for Boost Converter? Input voltage:12/24/48V output voltage: 310V output current: upto 18A Output Power: minimum 5KW without transformer with single inductor Hi Piyar Ali I afraid that i most disappoint you . it's not possible by using a simple boost converter , nevertheless boost converter
have an ac source from a small generator any idea to amplify it ? Most posts at Edaboard about "amplification" of an energy source are asking for some kind of "over-unity" or perpetual motion device, I fear it's also the case with this one. Simple consideration. If you want 220V 0.5 A output, your generator must deliver at leas
In regard to the 567 IC, it needs a stable incoming frequency. It is easily confused. It cannot pick its PLL frequency out of two simultaneous tones. I think the statement needs clarification. As long as the tone decoders are operated in their linear range, they should be well able to "pick it's frequenyc out of two (and more) sim
If your current draw from mains AC is unchanging... then you can install an inductor to act as a 'choke'. The simulation works (theoretically) with a 38 mH inductor, to allow a charging current of 20A If yo