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Hi all, I have a problem with Altium DXP. I created a PCB project. When I built PCB first time, everything was perfect. Then, I changed the schematics, when I updated the PCB file some component remain unconnected ( not newly added, the components that were in schematic before). I added new PCB file, in the (...)
hey guys new to proteus. im trying to convert from schematic to PCB and some components are missing what can i do? 135425
if i change my design(add new component) in ads and simulating it again it is over writing all the plots including the one's which i saved before adding the new component. do i need to make two design for this case.
new Features: Cross section, Table-based component 3D models
Hi folks, for my own need, i wrote an app to keep track of all my components (because I found myself ordering what I already had in stock over and over again). There's no manual but i think its fairly easy to grasp. The app is cross platform (Win, Mac, Linux) and there are pre-built binaries for Mac and Windows (7 and up). I put some effort
Hi folks, for my own need, i wrote an app to keep track of all my components (because I found myself ordering what I already had in stock over and over again). There's no manual but i think its fairly easy to grasp. The app is cross platform (Win, Mac, Linux) and there are pre-built binaries for Mac and Windows (7 and up). I put some effort
Hi! I'm new using Altium.. I'm trying to make a PCB which can be connected to the chipkit uno32, the problem is when I try to bring near two pin headers, I can't... there is a white area around the components and I can't eliminated it. Here is an image with the problem, thanks!! 129823
Hi, I'm a new user in Altium. I try to update PCB document file.PcbDoc and get the warning errors occured during compilation of the project. It seems some components is not connecting in the schematic. The error messages is component contains Open Emitter Pin and Power Pins Objects. Actually a red cross is shown when I try to connect the (...)
Hi! Can somebody please identify this component. It is working but buzzing. Where do I get a new one or are there alternatives to using this component. It is from a ac voltage regulator.
I'm using Altium Designer 16.0 I'm quite new to Altium Designer. First, I learned schematic and PCB design basics. Now I'm trying to simulate my electronics circuits I've been searching on the net to find out how to do simulation in Altium Designer. I found some tutorial pages in its official website: component, Model and Library Concepts
Hello, I need to us a card-edge connector for one of PCB designs. As I could not find appropriate library for the CAD tool I am using, I started looking for a way to create my own component, i.e. footprint. I found a bunch of tutorials on the creation of new components, so that's not an issue. My problem concerns reading the technical (...)
Hello, I am farely new to HFSS and can't seem to circle my head around the problem of modeling components. For example let's say I have modeled a coaxial cable in HFSS with a shield and now want to make a component that will in Simplorer appear as black box with 2 inputs (1 input for the core and 1 for the shield of the cable) and 2 (...)
I am hoping to get some help with an issue I am currently having on a new design I am working. The design incorporates the following: 434 MHZ Transceiver WIFI module switching power supply other components. The issue I have is as follows: (1) The noise floor I measure on the RRSI line of the receiver is around 450 mv without the WIFI mod
I am transferring my circuit from Pspice to cadence (spectre) to do the simulation. The captioned title is the problem I am facing. In Pspice, the output of the voltage controlled current source (VCCS) and voltage controlled voltage source ( VCVS) could be a function with the current of a branch in this circuit. While in cadence (spectre), the va
HELLO, friends i have samsung laptop s3510similiar to (rv510) scalla 15ul is board and the backlight component is bad (led screen no light) because the flex cable was damaged 1)screen test ok 2)new flex installed(lcd flex) 3)data is present ok which component can be cause this any help please , i have checked over 2 days cant find (...)
It's probably missing or incorrect coordination rather than a "modularity problem". There are some features that should be supplemented for the original receiver and transmitter component: - a receive_valid signal, telling that a new serial frame has been decoded - a transmitter_busy or _ready signal, telling when new data can be sent (...)
I have always wondered why commercial circuits are overly complex with a lot of ICs. Take for instance a client brought in a display controller with a faulty card. Looking on the board with about 200mm x 200mm size, I notice nothing less than 10 ICs, a lot of discreet component. We eventually designed a new circuit board to replace this using only
Hello, I am trying to import the LM399 into LTspice. I have downloaded the sym and asy files from the web into respective LTspice folders. whenever I click the asy file from the folder it opens the comparator circuit. However when I open a new schematic in LTspice to construct my circuit the lm399, no component appears. Please help, I am just st
Hello, In Altium Designer 15.1 there is a new field "Type" when create a new blank component sheet. Do you knon which is the use of this field and if for example the "mechanical" choice is for components like relays?
hello i'm new with kicad. i tried to design a somple PCB using a voltage regulator and some capacitors. i used external libs. when i loaded the netlist i got 2 errors Error: component 'U1' pad 'VO' not found in footprint 'v-reg:v-reg-78XXL' Error: component 'U1' pad 'VI' not found in footprint 'v-reg:v-reg-78XXL' i don't
It's true that LTI system can not create any new frequency component at the output. LTI system can only suppress or enhance the frequency components present in the input signal. They can also cause a delay to the output. Hence, LTI system can only change phase and amplitude of the input signal. Amplitude means gain of the frequency (...)
Hello everyone, I am new to IC Compiler. I am seeking some help from all the experts over here :-) I have a question on reading DEF file generated after floorplanning with pads, unplaced cells. Example DEF component section: - BLOCKA/AND_INST1 AND_SVT + UNPLACED; When I execute read_def, I am getting the error: Error: Cannot find hi
have you tried by creating as a new component?
Hello Everyone! I am trying to add new component to my Saber software Library but facing some problems. Actually I need five winding DC, transformer but available are less than 4 winding transformers.What i did was to modify that of four winding transformer and also edited its *.sin file. There was some part in *.sin file which w
Hi, is a new service, where engineers find components for companies and earn a little bit extra on the side. You can post your search request or answer to others. If you have experience of different suppliers and components, please share your knowledge here. You can see some example search cases here: www.compo
It is called multi part component in Altium. You need to create the component in proper way in library, where each symbol is drawn as Part under one component. Look at new Part command in schematic symbol editor. Then you need to have same Designator to all parts to get them all to one footprint. Petr
I wanna design a new tool(which is shown in the below picture) with visual basic, but I do not know its name? If I describe it, by clicking beside the the texts, submenus are shown and then by clicking again they are hided. Please tell me it's name in visual basic....please help me.....:bang: 110753
Where do i get new components library for ADS 2009 update ??
Hi everyone! I'm new, but I follow your forum by long time. I'm here to ask you a question about a new soldering station. I usually solder thru-hole components or at least SMD resistor, capacitor or at least some IC like ft 232 or MOSFETs. I saw those two on internet: Atten 8586 and the Aoyue 9378. I found both at the same price, but the (...)
You want to read the PSpice reference about the "inductor coupling and magnetic core" modelling. There are library "breakout" components that can be used to attach a model without setting up a complete new component.
You need to use symbol editor to create the device. In DxDesigner click File/new/Library symbol and then create your new component.
Hello, I am wondering is there any common library for Mentor Graphics Expedition software ? Is there any default library to select components ? Also how to include new component if it is not included in the library ? Best regards, Bilal
Hi all, I want to make a project, convert a self propelled lawn mower into a robot. Any one got some good pointers for me, im totally new to robotics. I will want the bot to drive itself around the garden, reverse, go forward and avoid objects. Any ideas what i use to control the forward/reverse gear selection, and what components i will
I'm not familiar with Multisim, but most SPICE tools have a function called "new component wizard" or so. Google told me that there is also such a function in if this works like e.
How do You run LVS? In IBM0.13 You need to follow this instruction: 1. In schematic window: 1. Create netlist of schematic. From main menu → IBM_PDK → Netlist → CDL. In new create CDL window (at 1st run) fill a "Library name" and "Top cell" name fields with appropriate names. Change "run" directory if necessary (Calib
I am a new user for OPNET modeler. I haved known that LTE can be tested on OPNET 17.5A which is academic version. However I can not find LTE component in OPNET modeler. why is this? How can I solve this?please, give me detail Best wishes, zin mar myo
i am new to cadence ,can anyone say how can we create a component for differnt models..i.e., linear,non linear and exponential
Hi, I am doing a schematic in altium designer. I needed a part which is not available in the altium library so I want to make a new component by copying existing component from the altium library. I have seen a video where a component is copied and pasted/renamed in the SCH Library. But my SCH Library has no (...)
Hi there everyone, I'm currently busy trying to complete my seminar project and I ran into a bit of a problem. I'm quite new to the whole pspice related stuff and I'm avare that this problem might me fairly basic but I have no idea how to solve this. So the task was to get the schematic of Cable Amplifier using OPA660 from Texas Instruments webs
Hello I'm a new member here. I'm making a circuit schematic but I can not find the component and footprint Reed Switches in the library that I have So, which library where I can find a footprint reed switch? Reed Switch Symbol: Click Please include a link where
Can anyone please help me to create a new component and its footprint using design spark?
I don't believe there is an import function for DXFs in the PCB Library tool. I will typically just import the DXF into the PCB directly using the standard File>Import menu. Then once I have the DXF outlines on my PCB, I can copy and paste the associated primitives (from the imported DXF) to a new component in the PCB library, and finish my editi
Hello Everyone, Can someone help me in building of new model based on its I-V characteristics in pspice. Thanks
How to create new PCB package for any component in Proteus software if the PCB package of that component is not available in the library.?? I want to create new PCB package for SPDT switch that is footprint of the switch. how can I create that footprint ???
sorry I don't understand. When I open the pcb library editor so that I can add a new footprint, the grid starts in inch's and I have to then change it to can I make it start in mm?
I added a new component to multisim using the component wizard. After the component is added, multisim places it on the schematic. Everything is fine till here. The simulation of the component runs smoothly. But when I import the same newly added component from the database, (...)
Hi I am new in RF design. I add spice model of AT-32033 in ADS (2013.06) but does not show pin number in schematic. My process of adding is Tools>HSPICE Compatibility component>Wizard. Schematic and spice model (file extention .psp) is attached. Please help and guide. Thanks in advance. 102019 *SPICE model fo
It is already confirmed that sainsmart is going to lauch their MIDuino, which is based the design of Arduino Micro with much improvements. the SainSmart MIDuino featuring a MIDI In and Out port supports the widely applied music effector.The IO port and line interface are designed in different locatio
Here is the pictures of the burnt PCB, can I put new component on this board and will it work ? or what can the problems cause Here is the pictures?? No. In English we say, "Here ARE the pictures". You didn't post for a while so I was hoping you were gone or were banned again. Aren't you ashamed of yourself to ca
Hello, I am relatively new to using Assura and I really could use some help; my resistor's extracted resistances values do not match the designed values. I am using the TSMC25rf process and I designed a differential pair gain stage with resistive loads. For the resistors I used two rphpoly resistors with a value of 3.25K ohms. I was able to