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Hello, I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to help me. I am new to HFSS and I am trying to find a tutorial how to design and simulate Split ring resonators in HFSS. I don't know anything about excitation's or boundaries either. Can you please point me to some material I can read which can guide me as a beginner.
Here it is :) If you want a closer look you can go here:
I am new to VHDL so please help me There are two signals RESET and IN. How should the sensitivity list look like if a method should be called on a rising edge of IN and on every change of RESET? I know about the sensitivity list and I understood the change of RESET also but what mean RISING EDGE OF IN. Please help me to understand this Tha
Hi folks, I'm sure this question comes up a lot but it's hard to find a good comparison. I'm looking for a new free schematic/routing software. Having a large library parts database is nice, but I prefer to make my own parts, so really I'm more interested in what is easiest to make parts in. Simulation is nice, but I don't do much s
Hi guys, I am very new to this topic, so I would like to know what is the standard procedure for extracting the parameters of a compact model that describes the behaviour of a MOS-like devices? Supposing to have: -Few sample wafers with devices from a very new technology, with different L, W, W/L,... -The mathematical formulation of Id as
You should be able to write it as an assembler instruction 'movlw xx' where xx is the calibration value. There is no mechanism to work out what value xx should be though, you must use trial and error or a utility such as the one in Pickit2 to find the new value. Brian.
you have to select all parts in the navigation tree then choose in modeling tab export to sat but choose version between 18:20 it is near the name file. (because hfss work with version older then cst). or if you have the new version export to parasolid x_t. then you can import it in Hfss look for import under one of menu parts.
I'm trying to interface an SPI SRAM chip with a PIC18F4685 in Proteus. The data appears to be sent if I look at the SPI debugger, but right after that there is a receive with ?? and Proteus returns "Unrecognized command code ". Right now I'm only trying to write. I will later implement the read. I've attached an image of the SPI debugger. Yo
Hello, I am writing microchip MPASM code for pic18f65k22 in MPLAB.X The code has got very long. I need to spread it across two or more files. Do you know how to add an extra .asm file to the project? Here is the code so far,.. ;Code for 3 channel led driver on the updated 550587 PCB ;REMEMBER RESET ADDRESS ;WE ARE TRUNCATING THE ADC
I have the old (2003) datasheet of the LM3914 from National Semiconductor. I did not look at the new datasheet from Texas Instruments who recently bought National Semiconductor. On page 21 they show the "new" DIL case for the LM3914N1 and on page 22 they show the old LM3914N DIL case that was not available after 1999.
Hello people I'm new to this forum. Can someone please take a look at my solution to the problem I have attached. my lecturer said I am on the right track but my answer is wrong. I have till Friday to get the right solution. I would really appreciate it if someone can post up the correct answer and solution for this one. Thanks 10
Hi guys, I am new to edaboard. I want to estimate the power consumption of a circuit. I found many tutorials on how to do synthesis and then generate saif file and use them to estimate power. when i tried following the same i am able to synthesize the file but when i type the command rtl2saif to generate the saif file it says the command is unkn
Good day gods of electronics, i came to your humble forum for one thing, i wanna be a electronics geek, and to start i decided to make my frist ever spy cam, using a webcam that was on a laptop monitor, if any one cloud give me a tip like Hey kid first start by learning this or that, so that i can then wire the thing and know what I'm trying to
Hi all! I'm a new-baby in using HFSS. I have a problem when creating a design of horn antenna. And I'm getting a error "Non-manifold edges found for part...". I don't know how to solve this problem. I will really appreciate your comments.
hi all, i am new to dsPIC33 series i am trying with PWM motor control program for BLDC motor. am not getting clear idea regarding how to select and give the values with CN (change notification inputs). can anyone help me out with some exapmle code for dsPIC33 and sorry for my bad english friends. thank you in advance.
107153 HELLO ALL Here above i ve posted a schematic for an earphone amp.& i connected it after a simple china made sheap USB player.From the designs i obtained from net i preaped it & it has ability to boost bass a lil.bit , its working all the way like that so now what to do for raise of treble p
Verify that you have the "default color for new nets" system color (layer) enabled. Use the "L" keyboard shortcut (or Design > Board Layers & Colors menu) and look in the lower right quadrant under system colors for the "default color for new nets" option and make sure it's checked. That is the likely solution to your problem.
Try copy and paste to a new sheet
I'm new to AVRs, but I love them so far... I was thinking about writing a bootloader that would look look for a binary image on an SD/MMC card on boot. If it was there, then flash the AVR from it. It seems this would be handy for in-field upgrades, it would also be extremely fast.....etc, etc. My question is: Has anyone already done an (...)
hie, i am very new to vhdl and have got a project in which i have to make a 8 bit carry look ahead adder and write its testbench. for the inputs of the testbench i need to write a code using c language so that myinputs a, b and the expected sum are obtained which have to be included into the testbench. i am confused with the codes. please help me.