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Hi guys, I am new on this forum. About programming ARM Stellaris LM4F120H5QR in assembling, knows someone tutorials or example project ? Thank you.
Are you looking to start your RF laboratory and need quality new modules and equipment? (e.g. reference HF-VHF amplifiers, prescalers/dividers, rf/microwave attenuators, etc?). look at Our company is new and extends its portfolio. Products have complete technical data files, 6 months
There is a nice discussion here, have a look:
Hello to all.I am new to this forum.I related to the electronics but i have a little confused that how to start my signature at this forum anybody help me so that i could post or share my new problems or my queries to others.
Got an notification of this yesterday, the attached picture shows the devices next to some 0201's and 0402's, the drawn ruler is 1mm long. Now I'm not getting any younger and bags of 0201's look like fairy dust, so these are getting silly. But having seen someone playing with 0.3mm and
Some times when reading values from mcu using c program through the serial interface, old values shows up instead. Have to try several times till the new value shows up. why is that?.:?:
What kind of job can I look for ?? I am new to this course.
I have a pretty simple question, as I'm still pretty new to CST. I want to look at the E-field surrounding a straight insulated wire (just copper with a Teflon insulating coating) within a dielectric material (sea water, for example). The trouble I'm having is how to excite the wire. I want to use a discrete port so I can control the voltage inp
sir,i am new to this forum.can u pleasee tell me the simple sample program for counters in 8051 and sample program by using INTO
I am new to micro controller...i need to recieve msg from any mobile number and turn ON/OFF relay by using GSM(sim300) module interfacing with 8051..Can anybody help me with code please..
I'm a new engineer. I want to work at broadcasting company. What should I read for understanding the fundementals of broadcasting? Could you propose any material for this?
I AM new TO INTERFACE OF DS1307 WITH PIC. can any provide the links for these interface and what is iic protocol ??
if you look at the old switch, A1 is always connected to A2 as is B1 and B2. So either A1/B1 or A2/B2 is carrying the signal. So A signal goes to new A2 and B signal goes to new B2. A signal is either old A1 or A2, likewise B signal is old B1 or B2. Then:- old A3 -> new A1 B3 -> new B1 (...)
Hello, Please tell me if I am wrong to post here but I'm new. So i recently spripped my old PC for parts and decided to ruen the PSU into a bench power supply but I accidentally shorted the green and blue wire (-12v) not the black wire (ground) together, and now the power supply will not work at all to do anything. Has anyboday done this stupid m
I agree with kgavionics, I use PICKIT2 many years without problem, also PICKIT3 (small problem at the start with new updates) work very good, regards
HELLO GUYS.. im kinda new here... can you halp me where can i download a free software of BD and SD Designer of CR5000?.. thank you very much
Hi Experts, I have good experience in high speed board design and testing but new to post silicon validation. Can you please help me out in the below: 1)What are the fundamentals and the required skills to be developed for this new role as validation engineer. 2)I am new to scripting.Python will be the scripting general how easy
Take a look at the new Haven Display TSTFT3.5Z and their other products, also search 3M and touch screen. Digikey lists many types, review some of the data sheets to see the various types, prices, and performance. Also their are many Touch Screen Controllers (TSC) that can go between the touch screen and a MCU like the PIC. Some connect to the MCU
hii...i am relatively newbie to electronics.. i have this circuit which works fine..i have attached circuit here... the circuit has outputs CH_P and CH_N across which proportional valve (Burkert 2824) is connected there is a low side current sensing, but i am required to change the circuit to high side sensing., and i am planning to use LT
As a DIY and IC enthusiast, I'm crazy obout designing the special gifts for my lover and friend. Have a look at my new special gift.:grin: XSD-18 Cycle Lamp 91488 91489 Have a try~~