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Dear, Go and search for OWON brand DSOs..they seems to be good value for money...after you are satisfied and want to purchase one then look for this webpage >> they are offering in Indian rupees... OWON SDSxxx is a new series so look into that category only...but before going for any purchase also look for on
Hello. I am very new to electronics other than a course I took in College a decade ago. I have been DIY modifying a fish tank alarm clock and in modifying the device the display of the alarm clock and time portion took a turn for the worst. It still works, but the contrast is way off on it now. Basically, the segments that are supposed to be li
Hello! Your problem is apparently just a matter of adapting the new hardware, so if you change only the IO port definitions, then it should work. Now about your code: 1. - You wrote functions like clearrow1 to clearrow4. All these functions have no parameters and their contents just look the same. Why don't you write just a single function clear r
Recently I instal IAR EW for MSP430 v5.51.6. It has a new text editor. I open my project and what I see is that all file tabs in editor window is without extensions. I have global.c and global.h. In new editor tabs look the same. How to make extension to be visible?
looking for new colleague for our KL office. Have a look to link bellow You have to have practical skils: in the electronic service position (any kind of low voltage equipment) with Windows administration Better salary hunters do not contact us we are looking for new colleague, sorr
I have edited an old 8051 LCD Program for LPC2124 which is not working. Since I'm new to ARM programming I'm not able to rectify it. I have also attached a simulation file (Proteus) as pdf (since I'm not able to upload the DSN file directly) in case it'll be helpful. #include //delay function in msec void delay(unsigned i
Hello everyone. I'm new here and i hope i'm posting this into the right forum. I moved into the apartment block recently and the intercom is missing. So i want to make my own. I have a problem because I don't know which wire is which. There are 2 holes in the wall and cables are looking out. This one is where the intercom should be
Hi all, I am new to analog design and gaining more knowledge gradually :) So I have designed a folded cascode Op amp which works around ~ 0.6V with mos transistors in subthreshold: . Please have a look at figure below: Though I got it working at an open loop gain of ~45db, I still didnt quite get the complete
Hello, I'm a new member, I have a PCB file (*.pcb) routed with ALTIUM and I want to simulate it with ADS (momentum), I've tried many times without result I don't know how to import this file with ADS. Please help me Bou
Hi Friends, I am taking a closer look into the valued topic on "Generation of sine wave using SPWM in PIC16F684" by courtesy Mr. Tahmid Mahbub. As I am very new to C language, I am trying to get the idea line by line. I have some query on the code. Any help from friends warmly welcome. Please see the code given by Mr. Tahmid. Once TRISC is set a
By engineer21, hi new to forum still lots to learn interested in repairing most things inc electronic gear in my spare time, got problem with tektronix 2246 all working fine but top of screen shows icon, OVERV i think may be over voltage, chap i had it off thinks it was fed directly by function generator only thing he can think of that may have cau
Going into new ground for me, I seek hints on how to handle what looks like difficult choices when it comes to using circuit board substrates and surface mount packages at 10Ghz, without going into alumina hybrids and flip-chips. The device I have in mind is NE3511S02, but the same considerations apply to almost any microwave transistor. The ven
Hi, We have two scenarios: module dff_blocking(d, clk, q) input d,clk; output q; reg q,q1; always@(posedge clk) begin q=d; q1=q; end endmodule and another one with non-blocking module dff_nonblocking(d, clk, q) input d,clk; output q; reg q,q1; always@(posedge clk) begin q<=d; q1<
I am a new user on HFSS. And I am creating a coaxial probe. The simulation result in S11 does not show properly. Can anybody help me to have a look my hfss file? Thank you. 86358
Hello all, I am new to this forum and i wanted to know how i can generate variable frequency using the ATMega16 microcontroller. I want to generate PWM signal whose frequency can be varied from 2Hz to 2.5kHz using the push buttons.
hi, i'm new in hfss:?: and i have to simulate a ring resonator on a ferrite so i have found the mag S12 > 0 and the port feild display are not directed in the right sense so whats wrong and what's tricks working with ferrrite, i m wasted:cry:thank you for kindly helping me
Hi, A friend who has a dragon had a look , he said - Only markings I can see on the chips are a faint "AHP". No idea what they could be. He has never seen a circuit diagram for the dragon board. If 2 chips are physically blown its likely other parts may be damaged... might be easier to get a new board or a cheaper isp usb progr
Hello Maung Pru, can it be, that your new battery is not fully charged. The charging current of UPS is not strong enough to charge the big battery in time. look for the battery voltage under load. It must be >11V else the battery is empty. Regards Rainer
Hi Everyone, I could really use some help. I'm new to HFSS and I'm trying to simulate a quad fractal monopole antenna system. My issue is that I am not sure what is the best way to excite the system. Lumped port? Wave Port? Other? I'm attaching my HFSS a file so you can take a look at it. Mike M.
hi, i am totally new to this field of DFT and is using RC tool as to insert scan chains in the design. Please provide me either a tutorial or a list of attribute settings being done for this process. Thanks tanvi