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Gates On the Fly has added a brand new feature, Automatic ECO which can take reference netlist to fix implementation netlist. In flatten netlist ECO, it has similar performance as Conformal ECO. However GOF can take care of lots of cases Conformal ECO fails, like boundary optimized hierarchical netlist ECO, or involving flops. And GOF supports scri
Hello, I am new to this forum, and hoping that you could help me with my questions. I have recently got a Samsung LCD TV with model number LE32B530P7W. It has a broken screen and I want to replace it. I want to get the part from another TV that isn't working (but the screen is fine). I am wondering which LCD's have the same screen? I guess that
You are using the MPLAB IDE. What compiler are you using Hi-Tech, Microchip, etc? What version? Are you using the project wizard when starting a new project? If so, what tool suite are you specifying in the project wizard? BigDog
Hi everyone, I'm still quite new to VHDL and I'm trying to use the Micron MT45W8MW16 CellularRAM on my Spartan-3 board. Now, I've had a look at the operation manual for the cellularRAM and one thing I don't understand is, since it is asynchronous, do I still use the clock signal to check for a rising edge? And, are there any sample code or has
have a look at Microchip's ICD2 help page The ICD2 will not work with new devices, to quote Please consider the MPLAB ICD 3 (DV164035). The MPLAB ICD 2 is not recommended for new designs and will not support new MCU or dsPIC device
Hello all, I am new to perl.I want to know that how any word is extracted from the text file which have more number of lines. Pl provide me some good materials for the perl. Thanks & Regadrs,
Hi. I've got a delay problem using the pic18f452. I have been working on a micro brewery controller project using the pic16f877. I upgraded to the pic18f452 because i ran out of program memmory. When i try to compile my code with the new 18f452 i get an "inline delay argument to large " error. I've changed some of the setting to get around the prob
i am very new to this, creating a cam that shoot video that can be send to my pc .i want to know which kind of pic micro controler & cam shoudl be real effective for my project.. and what are the other thing i have to me out
Hi, Anyone interested to buy PICKIT2? No packaging but still look new. Never use before. Includes - PICKIT2 - USB cable SGD25 Singapore Contact me at email: Thanks.
Hi, I am trying to implement a ring oscillator on an FPGA using Xilinx ISE and verilog, I am new to the program and to verilog but have done some SystemVerilog before. I have two files, one of them ringOscSwitch and ring_osc. The purpose is to have four ring oscillators of different sizes running on an fpga that has an output to a scope, using
Hi, I have a question regarding the response of two of hybrid's ports. Please look the figure below for the
hi first you see a tree on your left side of hfss windows, if you look you 'll find analysis, then right click on it and select add solution, then new page will appear, first chose a frequency that you gana analysis the straucture then choose number of pass and at last choose amount of delta s best - - - Updated - - - hi f
Hi there, I want to simulate a PCB layout of a RF receiver in ADS2011 to identify the faults in the design such as resonances, unwanted coupling etc. I'm new to ADS2011 and could you please provide me a guide, how to start the simulation and for what I should look for? It would be great if you could provide me any reference material or a t
Hello, I have been searching for a design firm in the Boston or new York City area for an internship next summer. I am looking for a company like Frog. Someplace that involves design of the product from both an electronics and user side is what I am looking for. I have worked in the industrial market but would also like to experience (...)
pls anyone can explain about ANSEL codding. when have to use it? i using PIC16F877A now. if i cant use ANSEL for this PIC then what i should replace for it? thank you
Inverter project like idea for thinking and one pdf for new look on things. I'm pretty shure that You will get some idea for design your inverter from this.
Hi I suspect the SCRs on my 240v pool chlorinator (Australian poolrite surchlor 2000) have failed. The number on the two SCRs is S4065J. I have found details here and assume it is the same SCR as it is written clearly on my SCRs. When I look up the specks of these, it says that the trigge
hey, can anyone tell me how can i vary the channel length within some range so that i will get the graph between drain current and channel length. please tell me. like given in below link
Hi everyone, I am new to embedded systems and to RTOS, i want to use Micrium's uC/OS-III. I am able to use its multitasking features but I don't know how to use other features like semaphores and mutexes, can somebody help me with the OS-III. Best Regards, jumbowat
I have burned pixels on my Nokia N82. I want to replace the screen with new one but I want to use original display. In the chine`s sites I found such screens for 5-12$, but the people says their lighting is not such powerfull as the original and it`s difficult to see the display outdoors. Can some one give an advice where to look for a original n