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Hi guy's, I am new to this great forum and I am looking for an Ultr-low power opamp design to be fed from very low supply voltage and provide high gain (~100dB) so any advice? Thanks
The new Kindles look kinda interesting and am wondering if they are any good for viewing the typical manufacturer PDF data sheets we are all familiar with ? so anyone got one and share their comments on this aspect ? note apparently not all Kindle models natively support PDF, Kindle Fire and Kindle DX do.
i m doing my final year project on idma-uwb in which we've to pass idma data through uwb channel. i m having trouble understanding the following s-file bcoz i m new to matlab.. if someone can help me wid this.. or suggest me suitable place or book to look for... really running short of function = multipath_sim(t,x,u,f
hi.. i am new to sta..this is the first time i am runnung tcl script in primetime for prelayout ..i have got few violations in violation report. it is as below max_delay/setup ('V_SYSCLK' group) Endpoint Slack ----------------------------------------------------------------- oTmrTopRdData -0.38 (VIOLATED) oTmrTopRdData -0.38 (VIOL
Dear all, I am preparing &analyzing PCB requirements. Starting any new design in first fabrication needs to fill all satisfaction in presentation, assembly, outputs & almost all features. I prepared one check list, which thing needs to remember at right time.
I want to develop web based application integrating google map api. Since I'm new to programming I don't know how to start the process. If anyone can guide this new bie I would appreciate. Thanks in advance.
hai , now i am decided to doing a new project.. actually it is a this project i want to measure is a lower current in the range of 0-8 microamp...the current should be meaured using spi or i2c iterfaced ic's.. this ic should be interfaced to a mothercard.. the the resolution should be one nanoamps...
i am very new to RS485. I came to know that both RS232 and RS 485 coding is same. Is it correct ! I am going to communicate 4 MCU (8051). but i am confuse with following how to send address and data. what will be H/W diagram how to program for data transfer speed .
depends what you are doing. If you want synthesis, you cannot use real types. You need to use IP cores. For testbenches, you will need to write a conversion function - or look at the new floating point package.
Sir, 1) I am designing PCB IN altium I created two new schematic diagram after that i added footprint to them and i update schematic to PCB then for only these 2 schematic symbol Net's are not transferred so please give me Help? 2)For remaining component nets are transferred but only for 2 components the net are not transferred so why
hello everyone. i am new to boost converters and trying to build one. i have heard that boost converters in feedback have really a stability issue but i am unable to really find and good explanation and text on it. can any one please help
Hi, Don't know why you have chosen the 4550 to start Assembler with, its not the easiest of chips to get going on. The Non USB 2520 or 4520 are much easier to use if you are just simulating. Whenever starting with a new chip, look in the Microchip Assembler folder for the TEMPLATES files, these lay out the basic program structure for you.
Hi, I'm new to the forums. My question is: I have this schematic, not a pcb design, that I need to look at its magnetic field. The design was done on Altium. And was wondering is it possible to import the spice model of this schematic into CST and generate a magnetic field simulation? If so, how? aik821
Hi, All, We just got a new tape-out. One the same wafer, about 60% failure because of big IDD current. Most of those failure and at the edge of the wafer. We measured the IDD by stepping up the VDD voltage. I-V curve look like a forward biased diode. Could anyone tell me what could be the problem. Thanks!
Dear All I want to learn assembly language. I am a new comer. Please suggest me some books for beginners. If possible also share their links. Also share all kind of helping material, tutorials, audio, video lectures. thanks
Is there any one know the basic situation of the job salary in England? For example, a new graduate student and a professional guy. On the other hand, the tax level in England is also preferable to be introduced. Thank a lot!
hi i am a new user of quartus.i want to view the synthesis report of my project.i get a very long report in xilinx, but i do not know how to get the report in quartus.i need the report in quartus as i use Altera DE1 board.please help me.thank you.
It is possible look these................. FET Transistor Homemade From Cadmium Sulfide Photocell. home_transistor : HOME_TRANSISTOR MAKE | Homebrew tran
My other comment about crossing page boundaries: The jump into the look-up table is made by adding a value to PCL. As PCL is the lower part of the program counter, changing it makes the program fetch the next instruction from the calculated address. For example if the program address is 0x80 and you add 0x05 to PCL, the next instruction is picked
Hi to all I got new SIM900 EVB with SIM900 GSM modem. I have some problem to wake it up. When I turn it on LED POWER and STATUS are light. Pressing PWRKEY have no effect. On serial port I receive only some strange character (115k2 8/1/none) I try to change boud rate all same. On AT command I have no respond. Please take look video: [url=