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Hi all, I am new in layout designing, please tell me what are the different constraints while designing a layout. and how much the dimensions of power rails are important. thanks
hi i am completely new to labview. but i am interested to know if video processing is possible using labview and also if face recognition is also possible or not? thanks in advance.
A new 50A 120VAC relay is not going to be cheap. If you only need one I would look on Ebay. See if Ebay #300513758474 will do the job. It may help to look for "contactor" as well as "relay".
The questions I would ask you re based around how are you adding your parts in the first place? When you make new parts in your library, if the Tools\Options\Library Paths settings are not set to auto rebuild your part index, then you need to visit your part manager (Libraries\parts) and manually rebuild the part index. Rebuilding the part i
I have updated the requirements. Could you have a look at the new requirements?
Most likely problem in a 31 year old power supply are the capacitors. If they are electrolytic type, they may have failed. Try replacing those with brand new ones (not surplus ones). Next I would look at the power transistors and see if they are alive. A working transistor will have a base to emitter volatage of somewhere in the 0.6 to 0.8 v ra
Hello everybody,i am new to this forum and i am hoping that somebody will help me out in solving my problem. Recently,i have started doing a project where by i interface a microcontroller(PIC 16F628A) to a mobile phone (NOKIA 6500) to send a SMS.after a lot of googling,i have decided to use AT commands as it is very easy to understand and i used
Hi All, I'm trying to simulate an affect of a 10x probe to a circuit. I'm quite new to LTSpice and never simulate anything using a transmission line before. I'm trying to use a lossless transmission line model that come with LTSpice. I'm not sure how to use this. This look like a two port network. Did I just insert this in serie with my circuit
hi all, if somebody know about SEU in fpga please take a look at it! in virtex 5 to correct and detect SEU effect, in build readback crc access configuration memory through ICAP and read a frame at a time and then calculate new CRC value. this CRC value is compared with the previous store golden CRC values. if its mismatch FRAME_ECC used to c
Hi, Thank you for reply. Yes I have seen that I have few data on the first 2 lines but the rest is filled with zeros. If you look at brand new chip it will be filled with something like 3FFF at all locations. This made me to think on this question weather it writes on location or only those defined. Thank you Sorry the program memory is fill
Hello everyone! I am new with cst and I have to use it to design an RFID tag for my project. The problem is that I have not been able to see a specific example for rfid tag design so it is really giving me a problem trying to understand the concept of RFID tag design using CST. can anyone provide me with a source for the examples of just give me id
I'm new to microcontroller and now I am using ATMega8535 and W3100 TCP/IP chip to create an application using C. I'm confuse where to start. Can anybody help me please. Maybe for example the source code how to set the IP Address using this kind of uC. Thank You
Hi all, I'm totally new to vhdl, and I have to do a project for college about making a microcoded control unit. I have an image with how it's suppose to look like and I need to come up with the This is the image. I'm really lost when it comes to this. Any help would be greately a
I am eyeing the new I7 2600K processor, and thinking about buying a new worksation for instensive computing. The new I7 is much cheaper than a Xeon would be. But after some fairly extensive searching on the web, I have seen a lot of discussions about the tradeoffs. Was wondering what you guys were thinking on the topic. I will be doing (...)
Hello, I'm new to programming the LPC2378 Bluescreen. I have been able to load sample programs provided by using Keil ?Vision 4 and a JTAG debugger. I am using this board for a senior project and am kind of stuck: What I want to do is have a text file on my SD card, and have the microcontroller look for a value in the text f
Which version do you have? The datasheet lists a 48 pin DIP and 52 pin PLCC. In either case, Eagle has the chip outline ("package"). That is the hard part of making an new device. look in smd-ipc.lbr and smd-special.lbr. If it is the DIP version, you might look in Microchip and find something similar where you will only need to modify (...)
This may be a lot easier asked the it is to get an answer, I have a NAD Tuner 413, A Pre amp 1155, Power AMP 2200. I am happy with all. new or not. They sound great. What I would like to do is to (at times, very "few" times) be able to watch the TV SONY MODEL KV27V22. As I have it now, I can watch the TV by itself. Or
Hi I have a new product that I am developing, but it needs a 13A 240V RCD (type-b) integrated into it (preferably with 'test' and 'reset' buttons). I've had a look and made a few phonecalls, but nothing yet. The product needs to be reasonably compact, so the use of the plug-in and in-line style RCDs is far from ideal. Preferably what I wan
Hi, I've uploaded to YouTube my new project - 12bit Power Supply with matrix display, PS2 keyboard ( I wrote the subrutine for it as well ). Please take a look, any comments are welcome. YouTube - Power Supply 12 bit
have a look at the dsPIC Microchip Technology Announces Six new DSCs with 16-bit Audio DAC - Press Release e.g. dsPIC33FJ32GP302 dsPIC33FJ64GP802