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Sorry you'll have to do your homeworks I have seen this used to get additional menus added or trigger code when one calls a new tool but to get a trigger on exit you'll have to dig through documentation
Hi I'm kind of new to this whole scene and I'm currently doing my bachelor thesis about a sensor platform that I'm supposed to design. I've been looking at a switching regulator from TI called TPS60501 that I want to use and add in Eagle Software. Since there's no part currently made I have to design it myself but I can't understand the dimension d
Hi to All Am new one :? i want to connect 10mm LED Min 6 No's Through Direct AC. Note- I want to use Min 8 hours Continuously Please Help Me Thanks To All In Advance:?
i jus gt heard bout atan and atan2,i need a sample coding to calculate using atan and atan2...can any1 help??tq
Ref-packages.lbr contains PCB footprints only. So, if you create a schematic symbol in a library for a new part you can copy the footprint from ref-packages.lbr. Keith
As my previous post, this time also I haven?t done anything new for the experienced members but newbies might find this post very useful. I?ve made a USB AVR programmer to program ATmega and AT-89-S-51 series microcontrollers. This is based on the schematics available on the Fischl?s website, but I?ve done some changes after experimenting and have
Hi, the LM1881 will have problems with new HDTV standards, If you want to do HDTV standards you can use the LMH1980 or LMH1981 LMH1980 - Auto-Detecting SD/HD/PC Video Sync Separator LMH1981 - Multi-Format Video Sync Separator
Depending on what packages you have installed with ADS, there should be a design template for noise figure plots. From the new Design dialog box, look toward the bottom and you should see a drop-down list of available templates. That's where I'd start, since setting up all the NF calculations is a bit tedious to type out. The only way I'd know
Hi guys, I'm new here and trying to look for some info about this comparator. Any references would be helpful of some tips about the circuit operation. Which is each clock phase intended for? I also would like to know the minimum signal that this comparator can resolve (or why it's limited). It seems to me it could be infinitelly small.
Not many people here understand Romanian, so here is the Google Translate version: Hello, I am new to this forum and look for a scheme with eight or 16 LEDs powered directly from made a few but they are not happy, I wish I could use them for lighting the night because they are more like cshema of food withou
Hello In our new future design there will be a 5 to 7" display (not desided completely yet) with a touch interface. To get to the point quickly we look for a windows manager that is small enough and usefull for small embedded devices to become the platform for our graphical interface. Code based on C is preferred. As we could not agree upon w
Hi, I am new to this forum.. I am using BTA41. Its gets 105 degree C in 3 min. Load current = 6 A line voltage = there any wrong..
Hello, I am new in this forum. Hope u all can help me solve the problem occurred. Thanks first In my laptop, the hole size is smaller than pad size for every component in layout (DXP PROTEL 2006). But when sent to the fabrication company, they say my hole size is greater than the pad size. I cant solve this problem. And then they ask me send the
I cannot try it at the moment, so it may be wrong, but it may be possible to 'invoke' the next gate on a new sheet by the command line. So instead of clicking on invoke and then the symbol on the first sheet, go to your new sheet and type 'invoke ...' in the command line. You would need to look up the syntax for the command - it will be in (...)
Those packages should be in your libraries, but if you have to create a new one I tend to look for a recommended land pattern such as I am sure there is some document or software around somewhere which would answer the question in a more scientific way, but I cannot find it at the moment. Keith.
Hello, Can somebody please help me on how to simulate a novel device using CADENCE. I have values of Id-Vg curve in a look-up table generated by TCAD software. File content is like this: vg=1V ID=1mA vg=1.1V ID=1.1mA I want to make a circuit using this hypothetical device. Can somebody please tell me how to device a .model statement w
When new look was introduced, my profile was split into two. Could you please transfer all stats from to . Thank you
hi u must use pic=aviread('file name',frame_index); and then look up in matlab "addframe", and use that tamplet code to create new movie for your selected frame.
I think Mattylad is right you should try creating a new colour file for your PCB because if you are using an old file it might hapeen that some layer names are not matching. You can also try generating gerber manually for that particular layer rather than using batch file.
The best method I found is to use the Peukerts formula in the micro. look at this link - DC Power Meter -

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