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Hello, I am running Ubuntu and have also phone with no rpmb partition on emmc(nexus 5x), officially it had been created but I have replaced motherboard and downstairs have it.i cannot even unlock bootloader because state of boot is written on emmc so after reboot is everything as before unlocking. Emmc is by toshiba, exactly Toshiba THGBMFG7C2LB
Hi everyone... I'm trying to do some data recovery on my tablet. It's an Android nexus 7 which has something like Hynix H26M64002DQR as its NAND Flash RAM. If I pay a data recovery company, it would cost quite a bit. So I'm thinking of doing the recovery myself as a hobbyist. If I desolder the memory chip I should be able to get the data from it
I had this dream about VR and I thought of this design, I'm just wondering if I'm mashing random concepts together and missing big points in why it won't work. In my experience of Virtual Reality which is pretty basic, (Google Cardboard on nexus 4), the main problem I saw aside from the "screen-door effect" due to my phone's relatively low reso
I would recommend you go for nexus series which should support all the latest android version.
Hi all, I looked around in digikey but couldn't find any info on the connector. Do you guys have any idea where I can get one of these and what is these type of connectors called? It is the female battery connector for nexus 7. (6 blade-like pins, 1.5mm pitch, push d
CML was producing such a display but it is now obsolete. nexus also has one.
Hi I have written the VHDL code below. The intended use is to have an state machine. that starts from 0. When I use the switch and a operator it should store the switch value and operator and go to state 1. Then if I press equal it should store a new switch value and depending on which operator I have used calculate result etc. But when I run
Search websites of following companies which manufacture logic analyzers * Agilent * Corelis * * nexus Technology * Tektronix Tektronix also see the data sheet Digi-View Added after 10 minutes: the datasheet of Agilent's
hi i am a super beginner. so forgive the stupid questions. i want to build LED signage that interfaces with the computer, ie. it need to read in dynamic graphical data, and would always be connected. It seems like the B48CDM, from nexus, is a good place to start. but now i'm stuck. there's a BIFQ2 decoder, but this seems only for alpha numeri
The latest suite includes the DK3 system design tool for synthesis of complex C-based algorithms directly to FPGA, nexus-PDK3 for co-verification of hardware with software models and the PDK3 processor and board support packages for rapid system prototyping to hands-on hardware. The new features in DK3 provide improved quality of results for th
Hi Here are some links to start with, try to find MEMS Handbook by Mohamed Gad-El-Hak it is a good starting x=tt