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Hello guys, so i don't know this program very well ( i know little bit) and i need to write a program that is downcounting from 3B (HEX) to 0 with speed of 1 second, and it has to have Start/Stop and Reset on nexys3. So basically 1 min downcounter... Can you give me some instructions or whole code i don't know :blah::oops:
I suppose that Datta pins on LCD will be connected with resistors and then connected to Basys2(or nexys 2). You won't generally use resistors, except for a 5V supplied LCD to help the FPGA to clamp the input voltage when reading back from data port. Besides data pins, E, RS and R/W line would be driven by the FPGA. For the key ma
So basically , JTA chain wasn't accessible, then became accessible, then problem repeated and it's not accessible again. What you've described has been referred to as a low cycle fatigue solder joint failure or thermally active fatigue solder solder failure which can manifest itself during power/th
Hi I am new here.I want to send data to a output pin of nexys 3 using PmodBT2 to interface between android app Blue term. What I want to do is to switch on and off LED at the out put pin of nexy's 3 from my mobile phone.
The nexys 3 has a 4-digit multiplexed 7-segment display. As KlausST says, you should switch digit at 200 Hz to get a refresh rate of 50 Hz. It is also possible to scan the other way, turning on one segment at a time for all digits. The switch rate must then be 8 times the refresh rate (7 segments + decimal point) but that holds for any number of d
Hi I am new here.I want to send data to a output pin of nexys 3 using PmodBT2 to interface between android app Blue term. What I want to do is to switch on and off LED at the out put pin of nexy's 3 from my mobile phone.
Hi, I wrote a software that writes data to the FPGA register, and read the processing results. I found that for repetitive read/write, the software fails to read registers anymore (the DpcPutReg function returns -1) I also tried to make this using Adept software, after some (10~30) reads/writes, I cannot read/write registers anymore and I need
Hello, Can some Guru help me with the starting point to communicate with spartan-6 FPGA on nexys 3 board using USB. I need to send large amount of data using software to the FPGA , so UART solution will be really slow. Appreciate your help
Hi All, I'm working on a project for one of my classes in which I get to implement a design of my choosing, and I am attempting to interface with the on-board Cellular RAM of the nexys-3 Spartan 6 and do asynchronous and synchronous reads and display the data from the memory (which I programmed using the Adept interface) to the 4 SSD's by displ
Hi All, I am a complete newbie to FPGA design and am working on the final project for one of my classes in which we get to design and implement a program of our choosing on the nexys-3 Spartan 6 board. I am trying to design a program that displays images onto a VGA monitor and allows a user to progress through a set of images with a button pr
I'm using a nexys 2 board and I created the application "Hello World". It works and the writing "Hello World" appears on Realterm. After I created a new application and I wrote it on SDK, the .elf file has been successfully created, but my program size is 538 KB and it can't be execute on microblaze, because its local memory is maximum 64 KB. I sho
Hello, I am implementing a clock on nexys 2(Spartan 3e) FPGA, where I am using Push Button as a asynchronous Reset. But I am confused where I should use 2 Stage Synchronizer to synchronize the asynchronous Reset with clock. Should I use it before the Debouncer code or should I use it after Debouncer code. Would kindly appreciate your help.
Hi, I want to obtain a 128 word burst transfer of data from SDRAM to BRAM in nexys 2 board. I have gone throught the nexys 2 reference manual and sample code given at their product page. But that is asynchronous mode read. I want to obtain a burst mode transfer. Also i want to know about the burst transfer to the BRAM from the SDRAM. I am not abl
I am implementing the Transmission Component to be used in the UART that I want to implement on a Spartan 3E nexys 2 FPGA board. The code is attached. On simulating, I find that it is not working properly. The 'prescl' counter that counts till 5208 it not being reset to 0 (on checking I found the count does not reach 2600). Any help is appreciated.
Hi, I am doing VHDL project using nexys2 board. I need to read the sensor readings using matlab through serial communication. My Code: nexys = serial('COM1', 'BaudRate', 9600, 'Parity', 'odd', 'Terminator', '', 'Timeout', 1); fopen(nexys); s = 's'; fwrite(nexys,s,'uchar'); scan_s1 = (...)
Hi, I am a C programmer and I usually work with ucontrollers (I am not a student) and I am trying to learn VHDL. I bought a nexys 2 board and I read some basics. Now, I am trying to do this exercise (pag. 2): however, I get the following error from the compiler: "hexcount.vhd" Line 30. Type of Sout is in
Hello, I want to give the two 6 bit binary numbers to the nexys 2 board and I have to show the multiplication result of those 2 binary numbers on the 7 segment display of the nexys 2 board, I wrote the multiplication program and it is working fine my problem is how to give two sets of 6 bit binary numbers to the nexys 2 board(have only 8 (...)
Hello Everyone, I am trying to design a PDP-8 memory using the nexys-3 board. But I am having a hard time with trying to figure out how to read/write using the CellularRAM on the board. I couldn't find any useful information on Google. Can someone give me an example on how to read/write with CellularRAM? Thank you!
Hi all, I need some help with hummingbird cryptographic algorithm. I have developed the ecryption and decryption in ise 12.3. I need help with implementing it on the FPGA nexys 2 xcs500. My output's are assigned to the LED's. But it does not match the simulation. Every time I program the .bit file through adept, my results keep changing on t
There are "tons" of ADCs better suited for FPGA interface than ICL7135, but it can be done. You'll need 5V to 3.3V level converters, and decoding the multiplexed BCD outputs. All accessible IO pins at nexys 2 are interfaced through the Hirose FX2 connector, I think.
Hello, I have looked a few FPGA boards and some of them as Digilent nexys 2 got signals routed under high frequency oscillators. Isnt that a problem? Or the as the oscillator is shielded there is no issue? Best regards, LR
What's the design you're using? Something you've written yourself, or have you converted the Atlys/nexys 3 demo project? Are you sure the UCF is correct? Does your simulation show that you're sending the correct signals to the display?
Quick cut & paste from some notes. Too lazy to sort it out, but might get you started faster then your current state of affairs. :P The code as is (or as was years ago :P) worked in one go. Since then I cobbled on some extra stuff for faster transfers, but that is also years ago. :P Anyways, you can use the sensicomm hdl for the fpga and then th
im trying to display a red box on a 640 by 480 screen however nothing is displayed on my vga screen im using nexys 3 and these were the port used clk v10 ns-n6 vs -p7 red1 -u7 green2 - p8 blue2 -r7 here under is my code which i made thanks i appriate any help library IEEE; use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all; use IEEE.std_logic_arith.all;
You can RTFM here . See Configuration on page 2. As you can see in that fine piece of documentation, jumper 8 is what he is talking about.
There is only one pin for each color (red, green blue) in a VGA connector. These signals are not digital. Somewhere between the FPGA and the connector the digital signals must be converted to analog by a D/A converter. In the nexys 3 board, this is done by a few resistors for each color. Doing a 2-3 bit D/A-converter this way is easy. An 8-bit D/A-
Hi, I'm experiencing a strange problem with my project. I'm using the nexys 3 board from digilent (spartan 6). I have a lot of components in my project (RAM access, UART communication, SPI communication, etc.). Until yesterday, every part of my code was functionning fine on the nexys 3 devellopment kit. But now, when I'm adding or just changing a
Dear All, I'm doing a project based on nexys-2 FPGA board. A sensor module and FT2232H USB module are connected to Pmod connectors of nexys-2. There are two modules in my FPGA design, one is sensor interface module, other is FT2232 module. Sensor interface samples output of my sensor, and routes it to FT2232 module. FT2232 module captures
Another option that works with the nexys2 is FPGALink , which provides a library for programming and communicating with FPGAs at high speed over the built-in USB device. It works in a way similar to Adept but is much better supported :)
Hi, First post here and completely new to fpga, please be gentle :) I'm trying to teach myself a bit about FPGA's and have read a bunch of books, done a few experiments with a nexys 3 board, even managed to get the T80 (Z80 cpu) core up and running, but have now hit a brick wall. I'm trying to get my T80 project to run code out of the PCM
Hello! What is the safest way to connect a piezo to the nexys 3 PMOD? Trough a transistor? Or could i connect it directly? Thanks.
how to store a .wav file in sdram of nexys 2 board of spartan 3E?
I'm very confused on the difference between synchronous and asynchronous access. From what I understand, in asynchronous mode access is 70 ns which is ~14MHz, and in synchronous mode access can be up to 80MHz (according to the nexys 3 ref manual). Since my primary interest at the moment is for video ram, I need to access it a
I am new to FPGAs I need help to display an string on 16x2 alphanumaric LCD on nexys 2 board. I need step by step aproach from begning of the project in Xylinx ISE suit. Thanks in advance. Regards gapoo
I'm trying to learn how to write and read the cellular ram (PSRam) on the nexys 3 board. I've read the nexys 3 Reference Manual, did a TON of Google searching (learned what PSRam was and probably about 7 or 8 other new terms), and finally managed to find some sample Verilog code and tweaked/modified it to get it to work. It does asynchronous writ
Hi guys i've had all my codes done but when i download the program to my board, the four 7-segment shows the same number (lets say i press 3). It wasn't what i intended. i want it to be like when i press a 123 it first shows 1 in the first segment, then 1 in the second segment while 2 in the first segment, and finally 1 in the third segment while 2
Did you check the user manual + schematic for the nexys2? Digilent has those on their website... Those 4 PMOD's can be used for input/output, depending on how you configure them. The only restriction I recall is that LD7:LD4 are shared with one of the PMOD's. But in practice that's not much of an issue. Your 4x4 keyboard doesn't need any supply?
Checkout these excellent tutorials using the Spartan 3E Starter and nexys 2 Boards. The are free and include the project files and PDFs; tutorial 15 covers ADC and DAC. SPARTAN 3E TUTORIALS
I am using nexys 2 Spartan XC3S 1600E board. I have to use Digilent Adept but since Adept 2.3 will not run in my 64-bit windows-7 I tried installing Adept 1.0. But Adept 1.0 does not have Chipscope plugin. As expected the Adept 2.3 is not detecting my board (It shows 'unknown device'). Is there any way to use chipscope plugin with Adept (any
i'm somewhat new to digital design. i'm using ISE WebPack 11.1 and a nexys 2 board (Spartan 3E FPGA) to learn more about digital design and FPGAs in general. the WebPack can generate a test fixture (at least initial version of it) for a given module. below is the initial block it generated for me initial begin // Initialize Inp
i'm relatively new to digital design but i'm very interested in the topic. i did take introduction to digital design class but wanted to learn more, so i purchased a book (introduction to digital design from lbe), nexys 2 fpga and installed all appropriate software. i tried working out the first example (it simply connects leds to the switches on t
Hey, I'm using the Digilent nexys board to make a DSP. I've already designed a function generator so I have code that allows me to use the SPI to write out to a DAC and that is working fine. However, anytime I try to have the SPI drive multiple slaves I lose everything. I have narrowed it down the the SCK. Whenever I use the contraints fi
Hi present i am doing master thesis on Image processing using Image Enhancement technique My task is ( Image enhancement technique implement in vhdl then code send to the nexys 2 board ). Is this board suitable for this application ? am using 64*64 image. if its possible,then how can i take the ou
I am reading through the nexys 2 reference manual and found this paragraph.. I have read through the cellular RAM on the same board and has downloaded simulation model/testbenches from Micron.. Where can I find same model for this ROM also? I browsed through but no avail.. :( The external ROM is a 128Mbit Intel TE28
I recently bought a Digilent nexys 2 board, and after a few days of research got to the point where I can successfully program it over USB from a Linux host without the use of a separate (and expensive!) JTAG interface. Google told me even before I purchased the board that this is a very common requirement; it seems that I'm not the only one inter