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nlint is a not bad tool for you.
vcs +lint is not a good linter. Use LEDA for that purpose Hi Use also Novas nlint tnx
may be you can check some LEDA rule or nlint rule, will helpful
I think nlint is very easy to use
Hi Could nlint be used for equivalency check too? tnx
You can use EDA tool to refine the verilog coding style as you got problems. The EDA tools in the market for coding style refinement , e.g. nlint ...etc. Added after 46 minutes: Regarding the Verilog coding style, I upload a file " The Ten commandmnets of Excellent Design " for your reference.
N0VAS nlint is the best One I used... rgds whizkid
Yes, we need linting tools as well especially for verilog design. In most of the case, all the common mistake can be detected especially register size mismatch that could cause severe problem in system operation. I recommend nlint as linting tool.
I had tried nlint and VN-Check. The run time of nlint is better.
Hi As you may noticed with working on nlint, it does very comprehensive test (~about 200 tests). Therefore, it says always some errors or warnings in your design. Due to my experiences nlint from nova is a fine tool, specially for RTL (synthesizable) targeted man(and perhaps woman). tnx
I use Novas nlint,too! It can detect syntax,DFT,synthesis error based on your design rules !

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