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Yes, many variations coming in at advanced nodes and exotic materials systems. For example I am aware of some RF SOI which deliberately strains the material to make the nmos even better for mobility, to the detriment of the PMOS (which RF guys don't are about at all, but digital users of the technology might not like much). And strain effects on
I'm trying to find out the mobility of an nmos-transistor and captured the cadence operation point parameters -- where can i find the meaning of them? (I already had a look at the bsim4 and cadence docs but unfortunately I couldn't find the meaning of beff and u, are some cadence documents that specify there meaning?) [url=obrazki.elektroda
Hi all, I want to measure the Vt against temperature sweep graph, 1) What I dont know is how to include the V(threshold) of a an nmos in the design as an output so that I can sweep over temperature then,. 2) Secondly, I know that Vt decreases as the temperature increase and so I expected the Id VS Vds curves should rise higher (for e.g. Id
Why is it required that the nmos and PMOS transistors at the inverter have different W/L ratios?
Good morning, I have just started my adventure with TCAD Sentaurus and I am trying to simulate nmos transistor. To validate my model I need to change the parameters of the mobility which are in file sdevice_Silicon.par. Here, I encountered the problem since whenever I do the simulation the error appears: "ComplexRefractiveIndex: Formula=3:
Hi, How can i simulate the values of Oxide capacitance (Cox) and mobility of charge carriers in nmos and PMOS in cadence. These values are not provided in process design kit file. regards
hi all; i have this data for model 0.18?m .MODEL MODN018 nmos LEVEL=7 +TNOM=27 TOX=4.1E-9 +U0=280.5758609 UA=-1.208176E-9 UB=2.159494E-18 and i need to calculate the mobility of nmos transistor thanks for help me :)
thank you is the amount of change same for two transistors having same width? Yes, It is almost same. Also depends upon whether the Transistor is nmos or pMOS. Since they have different mobility their variation changes. But for the same MOS, the variation are almost similar provided they are not too far placed to eac
Hello, does anyone know how to extract the effective mobility value of a nmos device in Cadence? Thank you in advance.
I have a nmos with Vg = 4V, Vd = 5V and Vb= 0V. How to determine Vs? How does this transistor work? If it's the same for pMOS how will we determine the source voltage? Thanks!!
Hi!How can I identify the mobility for a nmos/Pmos transistor if given a specific technology(for example 0.25um)? I need this data for finding the correct relation between the nmos/Pmos width.
hello, What technology do we use in cmos? NAND OR NOR? WHY? ?What technology do we use in nmos nand or nor? Why?
i need cox & μ_n & μ_p in 0.18 um technology for nmos and pmos please help me
Hey, Sizing is always done as per requirement and mobility ratio of PMOS and nmos. Moreover, it also depends on what is the minimum feature size available in that technological node. BR// Abhishek
In fact, both pmos and nmos include many aspects for characteristic, such as Vt, mobility, capacitances, on-resistance and so on. For different aspects, different methods are needed for monitoring. In most cases, foundries will have test keys in scribe line for process monitoring.
Hello all, the output resistance is given as 1) satuation region, R=1/(Lamda*Id). 2) linear region, R=1 In these cases, PMOS will have higher outout resistance as PMOS has lower mobility and Id. Is my understanding correct? However in Razavi's design of analog CMOS integrated circuit, chapter 2. It states that f
How can I find capacitance between gate and drain of nmos in cadence.
Usually nmos mobility is bigger than PMOS's.
yeah, right. but, both of nmos and pmos must be used in design.
if you just want to get equal rise and fall time, you can use a capacitor load and tansient analysis, find the rise and fall time of Vout, then adjust the W/L of nmos and PMOS. usualy,the mobility ratio ?n/?p is not equal for different fab process. but the design theory is the same as what erikl's said.