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Hi, recently I simulated nmos characteristic and obtained this graph. Unfortunately anthena silvaco tool that i had only can give Id vs Vg graph. How do we determine Vthreshold? Vds is 0.1v Thank you.83119
Well, if you have some of the parameters of the nmos transistor, try to model it with a generic nmos and your customised model (see attached file).
@rp276: At highfield strengths, the carriers fail to follow the linear model of vn = un*E. For p-type silicon, the critical field at which electron saturation occurs is around 1.5*10^6 V/m (or 1.5 V/um).This means that in an nmos device with a channel length of 1 um, only a couple of volts between drain and source are needed to reach the sat
i would appreciate if you could figure out where i am wrong! this is the model i use: in the model: Vth 0.50 volts K' (Uo*Cox/2) 171.0 uA/V^2 Low-field Mobility
actually if you wanna find the total CGS thats the gate to source capacitance then first there will be a capacitance from gate to drain(or source) secondly due the the overlap of drain/source just beneath the oxide layer has a certain capacitance thats pretty obviously dependent on the Xd i.e thickness (the overlap)
Perhaps these Predictive Technology models (PTM) may help you: click Nano-CMOS, then change to your process size. Here - if need be - you can still adapt some parameters, then click Submit. Now you can download nmos worst-case, typical, and/or best-case model parameters. Same procedure for
Guys, I am design a nmos LDO. Now I have finished the charge pump (switched cap) and working on the err amp. The questions I have for you guys are: 1. Do I need a buffer stage for the err amp? 2. How can I simulate the whole loop stability? Not sure how to model the charge pump, any idea? Thanks.
Hi everyone, how can i change cgd capcitance of nmos or pmos im design PA and i need to study the effect of miller effect, how can i change cgd to be equal zero or any another value i want . thank you for help
hi all; i have this data for model 0.18?m .model MODN018 nmos LEVEL=7 +TNOM=27 TOX=4.1E-9 +U0=280.5758609 UA=-1.208176E-9 UB=2.159494E-18 and i need to calculate the mobility of nmos transistor thanks for help me :)
You won't find un and up, what you will find is a u0 param in each of the nmos and pmos model decks. The BSIM docs are very complete regarding the meaning of the parameters and whatever you're looking for can be found there, probably. But BSIM is also an "empirical" model meaning many effects are fitted by special params which bear no (...)
Hi everybody; I have a project which concerns the impact of the TSV (Through Silcon Via) on the nmos transistor. Does anyone have an idea on how to measure the nmosFET Body voltage with SPICE-like modeling, considering the compact model of BSIM4 or level3-MOS for the nmos??? Thanks.
I am confused about the explanations for latchup and latchup prevention. I have seen the cross section views such as shown from a google search.87057 Why is it that there is no parasitic npn or pnp shown between the source and drain of the nmos or pmos, respectively? The reason I ask is this: consider the case whe
Hi, I'm trying to simulate a ring oscillator based VCO in HSPICE. This is the netlist: * VCO circuit * **** MOS models ***** .model n1 nmos LEVEL=3 .model p1 PMOS LEVEL=3 .GLOBAL VDD GND VIN * ***** Define power supplies and sources ***** VDD VDD 0 2.2 VIN VIN 0 pwl 0 0 50n 0.2 VGND GND 0 0 * Subckt (...)
nmos and PMOS - TypicalTypical, FastFast, SlowSlow. These are the minimal "digital" corner cases and you can expect a reasonable representation of delay, static leakage, DC pin parametrics and so on. These corners would be implemented as either individual model decks, or parameter-sets applied to a core model set. Whether you have (...)
hi can anyone tell me the threshold voltage ranges of an nmos transistor in an IC ?
You should use the nmos/PMOS model from breakout library. These models would have all parameter set to default simulator value. Now you can either define the various model parameter for these devices. The model parameter are provided by foundry and these are function of process node.
Any one can help me to debug what's the problems of the mixedmode in silvaco simulation? following are detial mixed mode program: go atlas .BEGIN Vin 1 0 2.8 A1 1=gate 2=drain 0=source 0=FP1 0=substrate infile=LDMOS.str width=1.0e5 Cin 1 0 80pF Vout 2 0 28 # .model A1 nmos is=1.e-17 bf=100 cje=1f tf=5ps cjc=0.3f rb=100 \ rbm=20 .node
Hey, Can anybody help me or explain to me how to develop the small-signal model of the circuit. The nmos in one of the branches of the input stage is biased by some voltage. I think it will affect the 1st stage gain. Can anyone help me with this? The second stage is kinda of crazy. Usually the signal from the 1st stage going to gate. But t
Hi... How do i reduce the threshold voltage(Vth) of a single nmos transistor in a circuit?the model file specifies 0.37v(TSMC 90nm node) but for my circuit i need the Vth to be around 0.2v,applying body bias increases the threshold voltage,how to reduce the Vth?? Thank you in advance
You should refer to razavi for output resistance can be derived from small signal model.. There are number of ways to implement the pmos source load for a common source nmos transistor... A. Using a big resistor B. Using a diode connected pmos C.using a common source pmos... One of the advantage of B would be that diode will be self biase

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