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is this correct syntax to get a BSIM4 nmos transistor? .model nmos nmos(level=14, version=4.6.5) M0 VDD GATE VSS VSS nmos L=180u W=250u thanks!
what`s wrong with this code? in result of simulation 2 of MOSes are in linear region,why? transistor parameters from Razavi`s book 0.5u process why most of vdd voltage dropes across source - drain of PMOS of Current mirror?test .model N1 nmos LEVEL=1 +VTO=0.7 GAMMA=0.45 PHI=0.9 +NSUB=9E+14 LD=0.08E-6 UO=350 LAMBDA=0.1 +TOX=9E-9
Hi, Attached is the circuit for rectifier and input,output waveform of the same. I have given peak-peak of 1.5V to the rectifier as input and the output is measured at the drain's of PMOS as High and drain's of nmos as low. When I slowly increased the cap from 1pf to 200pf, I got some errors relating to diagonals at Jacobian point, stopping th
Double quote (") before typ missing? C5X_mos.lib contains nmos model?
If you need nmos in p-sub, there is no parasite bottom capacitance. If you need PMOS, you can add diode (formed between Nwell and p-sub) model for this parasite bottom capacitance.
Customized PTM models of nmos and PMOS 1.) click on Nano-CMOS 2.) Select the type of MOSFET and the technology node. Then click Go 3.) Input your technology specifications, or use their default values. Then click Submit. 4.) Your PTM model files are ready and can click on Nominal model, FF corner or SS corner (...)
This is a full swing cross-coupled nmos latch. You can learn more about it from this paper: "AN OVERVIEW OF LOW-VOLTAGE VCO DELAY CELLS AND A WORST-CASE ANALYSIS OF SUPPLY NOISE SENSITIVITY" Mohamad El-Hage and Fei Yuan
Hi everyone: I am learning to use Pspice and meet a problem. I had build my own model and generated the .lib and .olb files. However, when I use my own model such as a cmos in a design, the part can not connect with the model in .lib and .olb. When I try to click "Spice model" to try to connect it, the software show (...)
Hi i use virtuoso in simulation, i just want to know the threshold of the nmos i used?? i followed the following steps -i performed dc analysis and save dc operation point -from menu -->i choose annotate -->dc operating point -i go to schematic and expect to find the vth of mos but i didnt find it?? so if any anther method to know vt??? tha
Hi Guys, I am new to TSMC 0.18um rf model. I am trying to simulate a LNF, but I met two problems. 1) The nmos's width is 30 um. So I set the nr to be 12. But there is a worning message saying the minimum value is 16. 2) The inductanc needed is 0.7nH. But the minimum value is larger than this value. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.
Hello, I need a list of npn BJT parameters for simulation in LTSPICE or HSPICE. I have a parameter model file for pmos and nmos devices and I am making a bandgap reference circuit. Thanks.
Hi, I simulated some circuits in cadence using umc 180nm model which was located at following location: MC_18_CMOS /cad/cadence/UMC18_MIXEDMODE_RF2503_09/designkit/Cadence/UMC_18_CMOS I want the nmos and pmos model file to simulate in hspice. e.g. .model n_mos nmos ( (...)
From a PTM model card you can find the values for ?0=u0, εr=epsrox and tox=toxe for both nmos & pmos transistors (all values in SI units). This results in values of Kn=940 ?A/V? & Kp=400 ?A/V? .
is there any way to generate two different model name for one nmos symble in cadence schematic editor on the basis of two different case. such as, when I run simulation, I take mn for nmos, when I run layout LVS check, I take mni for model name. (mni for isolated nmos transistor, simulation (...)
Hello I have a problem with Thermodynamic symulation in Sentaurus Device. I've adopted command file which is a example how to use this kind of symulation. I've changed model of transistor. Originally was nmos, but I use my own model - three dimensional double gate transistor. Problem is lack of convergence and lattice temperature (or (...)
Hi, guys, My professor just gave us a homework, which requires us to include these parameters in our simulation. .model nmos nmos vto=0.7 kp=100u phi=1 gamma=0.7 + lambda=0.1 kf=0.3e-29 cox=5m AS=2.88p AD=2.88p PS=0 PD=0 Most of the parameters are level=1, but not AS AD PS PD. I changed it to higher level, it turns out they don't (...)
Hi, I find lot of capacitances in Spectre.Two of them are "cap" in "analogLib" and "nmoscap" in gpdk090.what is the difference between these two. If I simulate using "cap" it is taking too much of time to charge(around 20ps) and with nmos cap it is <1ps.why is it so. In the paper I'm referring author has used capacitor formed by three metals(M
If it's a SPICE model file, why not? Does it include a (BSIM) VERSION and a LEVEL no.? Like, e.g., in the foll. header: * DATE: Jun 15/04 * LOT: T44E WAF: 3009 * Temperature_parameters=Default ... ... .model N nmos ( LEVEL = 53 +VERSION = 3.1 TNOM = 27 TOX = 4
I would like to ask if nmos and Pmos has the same resistance (ro)? If not how to calculate each one?
can any one tell me the mobility of nmos and PMOS for 90nm