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I'm designing a voltage comparator. But i have a lot of question about comparator. For example: 1. Usually we need to know the lamda value of PMOS and nmos to caculate the Rds of MOSFET, but we can't find it in spice model. How can we handle it? 2. What's the output Value of the second stage of comparator? VoH or VoL?
Corner model is proposed for digital circuit originally. For fast/slow nmos and fast/slow PMOS. For analog design, designer can choose by himself. Sometimes, bipolar variation and resistor variation are added as well. Careful analog designer add corners as many as possible in simulations.
the model files from mosis will usually have the kp and kn values. if you dont have this information, then kn=Un*Cox ... Un is mobility of nmos, Cox (Eo*Kox/Tox) is oxide capacitance, Eo is permitivitty of space, Kox is the dielectric constant, Tox is the oxide thickess. Be careful what units you use when you do the calculations. do same for kp.
I've got a model for hspice (nmos level49) need it?
i want to plot the curve ''i-vgs'',then obtain the value of vth0, but for nmos transistor,my result for vth0 is negetive,why? please help me. .options list node post .lib 'F:\hspice\ms018_v1p4.lib' tt .op vdd 1 0 1.8v vin 2 0 1.0v m1 0 2 1 1 p18 l=0.18u w=0.18u .dc vin 0.1v 1.8v 0.1v .plot dc i(m1) .end volt i(m1
it should be the same about the LC VCO the point between the PMOS and nmos should be the VDD/2 this holds that both nmos and PMOS should have the same bias point khouly
If we get nmos from analogLib and appoint its model from TSMC PDK , the simulation is good. But if we get nmos from TSMC PDK directly and also use PDK model, the simulation is error. The information is listed as the following. And the same file will be simulated well in other people's machine. My computer's OS is RedHat (...)
Hi, Can i use nmos.m model files for 4 pin nmos circuits or they can be used for 3 pin ckts. only? I am getting the following error while simulation: Q0 is an instance of undefined model trpnp . M0 is an instance of undefined model nmos M1is an instance of undefined (...)
Hey I am trying to find Lambda for an nmos and PMOS using HSPICE library file. Can any one tell me how to do this?
For BSIM3 model, it's not easy to do hand calc. You can do dc sweep of pmos/nmos for a few w/l cases and get lists of their parameters such as vdsat, vth, beta for future reference.
Dear all, I want to plot the nmos transistor drain current mismatch σ(ΔID/ID) versus effective gate voltage VG − VT curve by using hspice. How should I do? Example as shown below.
* Vth vs VSB m1 1 2 0 3 nch l=0.25u w=2.5u R1 4 1 1K vdd 4 0 2.5 vin 2 0 0 vsb 3 0 0 .lib 'E:\work\logic025.l' TT .model nch nmos .dc vin 0 2.5 0.1 sweep vsb 0 -2.5 -0.1 .probe i(m1) .meas dc vth find V(2) when I(m1) = 1u .end The .ms0 file will contain the vth-vsb data. In awaves, set outer sweep variable vsb as
Hi! Kp = ?p Cox - nevertheless Kn = ?n Cox Added after 3 minutes: You can look in model file the parameters VTH0 - threshold voltage and KP - Kp pmos and Kn nmos Added after 8 minutes: Ids = KpW/L (Vgs - Vt)? This is equation for saturation region of
the predefined nmos is given in the model and surrounded by guard ring connected to substrate, is it possible to put it in an double well? by drawing a P well in to a N well, then put the nmos layout in? i am afraid that in the simulation, the nmos is using the model linking to the predefined layout, if I (...)
In S-EDIT, The nmos or PMOS just have a few parametters (W, L,AS, AD,PS,PD...). But when use Cadence,or just simple like Winspice, Hspice the model of nmos or Pmos have a lot of parametters. So. can we add the models(Bsim,Mosic...) to S-edit?
what means simulate in "fast corner" ? CMOS corner models. Fast nmos/Fast PMOS.
I am the beginner of hspice simulator.These is a common-source circuit. It's hspice netlist as follows: *common source *circuit* m1 d1 g1 0 b1 nmos1 l=2u w=80u rd vdd d1 1k .model nmos1 nmos level=3 *source* Vdd vdd 0 dc 5v vsin g1 0 sin(1.8v 10mv 1k 0 0 0) *analysis* .tran 1u 2ms .dc vsin 0 5 1m .probe (...)
BJT process moe use deep Nwel device in gerneal , deep n-well can reduce "substrate coulpe noise " you should check tsmc 0.18um model by the way , tsmc have nature nmos close 0 Vth I never use . but why need zero Vth device ? for RF design or other circuit ?
Dear all : I use nmos do a MOS varactor , in simulation I tied D/S/B together and do a one terminal and gate is another terminal, this method is correct ?? Thanks ..
How do we determine the value for K'p of PMOS and K'n of nmos? I have tried to look at the model parameters, but I don't know which parameter to choose. In the model parameter, they only stated K1, K2 and K3 but not K'n or K'p. Another way, I run DC Sweep on a single transistor and get Vgs-Id curve, determine the linear slope, ca