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I am characterizing an nmos transistor in millimeter-wave frequency band. I have a PDK for this millimeter-wave nmos provided by the foundry. However, I am not able to add this high frequency transistor in the cadence virtuoso model libraries as I need to design the circuit schematic design of an amplifier. can anyone guide me how to (...)
Hi, I would like to model organic field effect transistor devices that I have developed experimentally in the lab. I am trying to use Pspice to model the devices. I have tried using level 1 model to get some I-V characteristics and output characteristics. In my circuit, I have a nmos transistor, gate voltage source, (...)
You can add it to the cmp/standard.mos file in the LTC lib directory and it will show as a part of the nmos list when you put the nmos device in your schematic. Here's what I put in the standard.mos file and it seemed to work normally as an nmos device: .model IXTT20N50D nmos + LEVEL=3 + L=2.0000E-6 (...)
You can build a simple test circuit for nmos/PMOS devices in the simulator you are using. If you are using cadence virtuoso just use schematics to build simple circuit and in ADE make anotate for dc operating points. This will give the typical value in the model.
In some cases you will find that the model makes up its own mind about details based on L; even case-wise model branches above and below some breakpoint. The foundry modeling folks made that decision for you. Or you may see nmos devices "duplicated" with analog, digital and RF transistors, each pointing to its own (...)
Hello all, in the information table about the model of an nmos transistor, there is "number of bins", which I can not understand. Could someone explain me please what is bin of a MOS model. Thanks in advance
please help me for this error #tamrin2_nmos# .op .lib 'C:\models\MM018.L'TT vin vin 0 dc 0 vdd vdd 0 dc 1.8 Rs vin 1 1meg Rl vdd vo 100 m1 vo 1 0 0 nmos l=0.18u w= 9u .print I(vdd) .end ----------------- error:**error** model name nmos in the element (...)
need help for this error error:**error** model name nmos in the element 0:m is not defined. ------------ #tamrin2_nmos# .op .lib 'C:\models\MM018.L'TT vin vin 0 dc 0 vdd vdd 0 dc 1.8 Rs vin 1 1meg Rl vdd vo 100 m1 vo 1 0 0 nmos l=0.18u w= 9u .print I(vdd) .end
* Beta Version released on 2/22/06 * PTM 130nm nmos .model nmos nmos level = 54 +version = 4.0 binunit = 1 paramchk= 1 mobmod = 0 +capmod = 2 igcmod = 1 igbmod = 1 geomod = 1 +diomod = 1 rdsmod = 0 (...)
We now have two problems that are related to temperature. Firstly, according to the BSIM4's model, we should have linear equation between threshold voltage and temperature, while when we simulate the nmos, it shows totally linear, but in PMOS it shows some non-linearity. I wonder is this temperature non-linearity is caused by which parameter si
Hello, I need 1Mhz complementary clock . i tried on hspice and i am getting 35 Mhz clock, can u please help me .code attached. thanks in advance *************clock*********** v1 1 0 0.9v M1 4 2 0 0 n1 L=120n W=280n M2 2 4 0 0 n2 L=120n W=280n M3 4 2 1 1 p1 L=120n W=980n M4 2 4 1 1 p1 L=120n W=980n .model n1 nmos LEVEL=54 .model p1
Hi, Using the square law model, one can derive the distortion of a differential pair using nmos as: HD3 = 1/32 (vi/Vov)^2 I successfully used this approximation for an 180nm process and it was still reasonably accurate. Now for a 28nm process, this formula seems to be unuseable. As example, I use vin=1mV. Vov is not very well def
The results become even more bizarre when you see that for a nmos of W=200nm, VSAT is negative (VSAT=-103017.43) in the TSMC model library. Never seen a MOSFET model with negative VSAT values. Saturation velocity is always between 1..2*105. Perhaps a typo?
hi, i install hspice H-2013 version,i try to simulate the character of simple nmos in tsmc65LP tech. in the Pdk, i can't find the .lib file which i can find in smic130/180nm. the only thing i can find is .l file(it seems most like a lib) my netlist as follow: .title simple_nmosrf_gm_id .param vgs=1 l1=0.06u w1=5u X1 d g 0 0 (...)
How to insert silicon nanowire in 2 dimensional n-mosfet in silvaco atlas. I want coding for nanowire fet in silvaco atlas simulation.?? And also how to model depletion nmos in silvaco atlas 2d modeling?? please suggest me...
i have made xor file with use of ptm 45 nm file ,my result not correct ,plz help file is below * This is sub 45nm FinFET prdictive model .options post=2 brief ** subckt for nmos ** .subckt DGnmos NVd NVgf NVgb NVs .include 'C:\Users\suresh\Downloads\Compressed\45nm_finfet \' * front soi (...)
Hi, i m simulating a 0.18 standard nmosFET's breakdown characteristic on sentaurus now. The accuracy of those available physics model puzzles me a little bit cause by choosing different models the breakdown voltage could vary from 3 V to 8 V.(by band2band or avalanche ) Can anyone tell me how to choose the physics model (...)
I want to silvaco atlas code for nmos device modelling. For 0.2 micron gate length what will be specifications i need to change in existing example in silvaco tool where can i got foundary specifications of nmos structure i can't found specifications in atlas manual... I want to know how select dimensions of source, drain and Electrodes (...)
Hi, I am trying to use 50nm Short channel model File for Simulating a design in ADK_DAIC tool from mentor using eldo simulator. I get the following error, "ERROR: This version of Eldo does not include SSIM models !" How to overcome this? The followinf is the model file im using: .model N_50n (...)
I am trying to work with PTM-MG model cards. But whenever I'm trying to simulate any code (e.g. inverter) in HSPICE, I get a warning saying: "model nfet device geometries will not be checked against the limits set by lmin, lmax, nfinmin and nfinmax. To enable this check, add a period(.) to the model name(i.e. enable model (...)