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Hello! nobody is going to make your homework for you, so I would recommend that you start writing something and ask what you don't understand. What you should do (I suppose it's a character display): 1. Find a way to write a normal string at a given position 2. Find a way to write a reversed string (or underline or anything that would differentia
Hello! When you are asking for help, nobody will be upset if you say hello, thank you, etc... Also nobody will hate you if you (try to) write correct sentences, starting with a capital letter and ending with the correct punctuation, etc... And beside this your question (the last line is a question, right?) is not clear. You may consider posting s
Julian this design approach you are taking will not result in high quality sound. There are many reason's nobody uses transformers to boost power to speakers from a 12V Amplifier. But if you don't mind 10-20% distortion at rated power, it's ok. A stepup transformer increases the source impedance of the amplifier xN squared. Even an ideal disto
nobody noticed that the IRF9540 very old Mosfet is P-channel, is drawn with a wrong symbol on the schematic and is upside down.
I see that nobody has taken a stab at this question yet, probably because there is some confusion about it. My understanding is that a wave port analyzes the cross section you define, calculates the electromagnetic mode, and launches that into your model. The lumped port essentially just applies a voltage/impedance between two conductors.
Hello! Anyone know how to do that? Yes I do! Now, beside the joke, nobody is going to do it for you. Post what you already did and ask precise questions. Dora.
As nobody has answered. You probably can't use Matlab 2014 as it didn't exist back in Oct 2013 when ISE 14.7 was released. Even if it did work you would probably run into issues of compatibility. Either use a version of Matlab that is 2013 and supported by ISE 14.7 or switch to Vivado if you're using a 7 series or newer part. Regards
Hello, I would like to do a 3 phase BLDC motor drive (voltage source inverter) for a water pump, about 300W. Can I simply just commutate the coils from one to the other, etc, with the igbts, and avoid high frequency PWM current control of the current in each coil whilst it's switched in? -its interesting, I know that nobody will answer this
Maybe nobody uses TinyCAD because its schematic is covered in dots, its lines are too thin and its text is faint and mixed with the dots.
Ensure that one chip is master & other is slave. What is the output of I2C clock & data when you are probing? are you getting a clock output when probing? is the master is toggling data bits? - - - Updated - - - If output is High= nobody is driving the bus, check on your master configuration, If output is L
I looked in Google for details about the KONIG CMP-MIC3 microphone and it is sold for a low price in millions of languages but has no details. nobody knows if it uses 3 wires like on its plug or if it is dynamic, electret or any other type of mic. It is not on Konig's website anymore. A dynamic mic might be balanced with the signals at the tip and
nobody answered my question :-) How are you figuring to measure state of the charge of the batteries? A 12V/100Ah battery stores approx. 1kWh of energy. How will you determine the remaining capacity of the battery 'cause the capacity is not the linear function of the current*time being drained drained. It is soooooo easy to write the softwar
nobody has been talking about clock, clock speed and timer applications so far. You are discussing "what would it be like if ...".
nobody knows what your "communication tester" checks and what "Communication is done" means. What are RX and TX meant to be? Logic level UART signals? In this case, signals have to be inverted to/from RS232 side. In any case the RS232 levels are incorrect. Driving RS232 with 3.3V and 6.8k impedance will only work by chance. A full level RS232
nobody can help you with optimizing your code, if you don't post the code. Most of the people on this forum don't have crystal balls. ;-)
If you are willing to ensure a high-enough transition density and DC balance then a transformer can be good enough. Maybe a capacitor-blocked transformer just for the stuck-at-DC problem. There's a bunch of people making isolators now and I'd be surprised if nobody did better than 150MBPS. That's pretty leisurely.
If your Network Anaylzer is able to mesure these measurements, look at its User Guide..Some of them are able some of them not.. Why you're asking particular question about that ?? nobody knows which type of Network Analyzer you use..
My first comment is a general one. I'm missing a requirement specification. Without it, nobody can rate the discussed design ideas. Assuming typical audio signal quality requirements, VGA810 won't be ever used. Secondly, the standard solution for the addressed problem is a diversity receiver which switches the IF signal. To avoid permanen
Hi; if u want people to help you you will help yourself first. if u are affraid to post whatever you ve done (schematics, code e.t.c) what should the author of the blog do. nobody can think for you in abstract. if you need help upload what you ve done(not just block diagram). be more explanatory in what you want and let others contribut
nobody makes a "negative logic gate". I have made many VERY complicated logic circuits and I have never thought "upside down" like that. I looked in my Cmos Cookbook and ALL logic was normal and there was not one word about negative logic. The NAND and NOR gates on datasheets by Texas Instruments are normal with the inverter at the output. But I w