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nobody noticed that the opamp is missing a power supply so it won't do a darn thing.
Look on if they don't have a core then there's probably a reason for it will take a lot of work to develop it and nobody wants to commit that much effort (for free).
Without pullups on P0 it will never work. What should we do with your sim and hex files? Without showing code nobody can help.
Copper metallic changings are almost negligible for these temperature range ( There may be some minor effects).Substrate specs. changings are more important. You should check the variation of Er versus temperature for that substrate. It may be few MHz, few tenths of MHz or maybe more.. nobody says something without knowing your substrate.
A PhD thesis suppose to be something nobody did it before. I wonder if Edison asked somebody what inventions have to think about. He was a "school dropout boy", but this doesn't stopped him to hold 1093 US patents.
I'm not sure if you are doing something reasonable, but without showing your results probably nobody understands what you are doing at all.
nobody can help you unless you post your code and proteus file. Zip and post it. I have used Proteus 8051 ALE pin and it works fine.
nobody makes a CR-2022 battery. Maybe you have a CR2032 battery? A CR2032 coin battery is designed for a continuous 0.19mA load which is almost nothing. Its datasheet shows its voltage dropping to 2.4V with a 28.5mA load for only 2 seconds. You need a motor from a watch, the vibration motor from a cell phone or the tail motor of a small toy helic
Hi, Could you give me 802.16e hard handover similar codes in NS? I really need your help because I don't know enought about NS and nobody helps me... thank you for any help
nobody can help you unless you mention details about uC, Clock speed, what error Compiler is giving, etc...
Hi, nobody with information about calibration of TDS series oscilloscope? To the attention of moderators. I was a moderator for many year on this forum from the beginning it was available under another nick name, unfortunately I could not log anymore with my old nick name. Due to job, family, country change I had to quit electronics activity for
now i am using icq, but nobody i hope i can join a group about Electronic technology can you help me ? I hope I can get your help! thank you Can you describe more what you need?
With this kind of explanation I think nobody can help you a lot. There are not details how you made connections for light on LCD. Did you use a pin from same port on which are UART (in case of ATmega32 it is PORT D). Maybe you have some problem in code when you try to put that pin high for light on LCD. Which board you use? Is it some developmen
For anything that might have, shall we say, negative consequences to false firing you would want a higher standard for actuation. Otherwise some other joker's Bluetooth gizmo might leave you minus a hand. nobody uses CW detectors for anything safety critical. But of course this is a simple and benign science project. Right?
How to design EMI filter to avoid common mode noise. I am working on DC-DC Converter with input voltage is 50 - 100VDC and output power is 200W. Everybody is telling the overall architecture of EMI filter. . But nobody is telling how to calculate these capacitor and common mode choke val
Hello! help me..and mail me the Help us and publish what you already wrote, and tell us where it doesn't work. And also your schematics. I guess nobody wants do do your homework. Dora.
Until n unless you post your schematic nobody could help you out here!!
What is injection current in the context of an Analog to Digital Converter? I read this post , but nobody was sure what it is exactly. For example in my ADC datasheet it says that I have a maximum error of 2 LSB (plus, minus) without current injection and 3 LSB with current injection and I'm not sure
don't beleive that nobody can help me :razz:
nobody used them?