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It was already discussed many times here.. Search the board you will find it is nobody interested to support me??????????? You already got replies.. nobody here will give you code for your project.. We can guide you, you have to do your work..
If an inductor is not in the circuit, why should its value depend upon frequency? Because no inductor is ideal. Why don't you try to measure the inductor at different frequency? Without detail informations, nobody can answer the question. In case of doubt you'll want to measure the inductance in the frequency range where it's use
Hi, I need help to identify what kind of driver is used in the schematic below. circuit is used to maintain the right voltage on a capacitor bank. I think its a high and low side driver but I searched several manufacturers datasheet and nobody seems to match up with the pin configuration. please help.
Hi cmuraztaz You Are Also There: nobody Has Given A Satisfactory Answer For You. May I Can Help? First Of All I Need To See Th
Do you have a huge amount of money to spend? nobody will put this much work into providing what you want without payment. ..... and have you checked to see if PIC16F877A (low spec PIC) has equivalent processing power to ATMEL Mega 32? Maybe what you are asking for is impossible, as well as expensive EDIT: I apologise. I was in grumpy mo
You gave effectively zero information about the drive, so nobody knows what "whether the load is lesser or bigger" actually means. An unloaded motor will consume very low power and draw a motor current that's only a fraction of the rated current (presuming correct voltage settings and no winding shorts). Without any essential information, mec
hello i need Solution this : Design a circuit that converts a 4 bit 2?s complement number to a 4 bit Sign and magnitude format. and i need the trothtable for this nobody can help me for this ??????
Oh,little guy.Your question are so stupid.nobody can help you. Trying to find them in web,google is the best tool for you. - - - Updated - - - Oh,little guy.Your question are so stupid.nobody can help you. Trying to find them in web,google is the best tool for you. - - - Updated - - - Oh,little gu
What kind of problem do you have? (It is a good idea to add some kind of extra information to a problem. Because nobody will help you if you just paste the code and says "it doesn't work") - It doesn't work at all? - It works randomly? - It sends garbage? Best regards.
this is an open forum nobody ask to share information personally .aware you may warn by moderator see the links
I am a newbie. I designed a PCB without any supervision 'cause I have nobody to consult. It is a 4-layer PCB to test a ADC chip. The PCB is shown below. I found that my differential AC signals to the ADC input have been distorted. I think the clk signal is coupled to the the ground plane first. Then coupled to other part of the circuit. In
Hi sujan, check the recieving part of your it the same you are using or not. I had faced the same problem but i dit it atlast. Better you add your circuit and program till then nobody will come to know where you are facing the Problem.
So are you using LCD or 7 segment display or matrix LED and which micro are you using and are you using voice ic to announce the token numbers...give details..without that nobody will help you.
nobody has faced such type of problem yet?
Can you post the circuit at least show what you have done so far? If you don't show some effort, you will probably not get any help here. nobody is going to do your work from scratch, especially when you have provided absolutely no effort on your part to clearly state your problem.
Hello! This is not the right way to start! nobody is going to write your application. You should try first to display something on the screen, then try to measure something with the ADC, then put this together. Dora.
nobody can answer that unless you tell us more information. It could be a question about an electric chair for all we know. :-D Is it a microprocessor problem and if so, which processor. Brian.
nobody knows?
nobody ?
because project assigned to me states that i have to make it using dsp48 You can be pretty sure, that the Xlinx float IP is using dsp48 internally. Unfortunately, nobody feels a need to design floating point IP on it's own, except he's working on a HDL programming course exercise. I guess, we should translate your question into

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