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so you want ALL of the code and the circuit? nobody will help you if you don't show that you have at least tried. Show what you have done here.
With the time I came to the conclusion that the best engineer should have 40% good engineering skils and 60% good communication skills and other (self organizing, time management, make documentation, etc.). nobody likes extremely clever engineers who are weird, non social and crazy.
Be specific in what you don't understand. i.e. "I don't understand this code:" EE_read_cmd: mov A,#READ_CMD ; SEND READ COMMAND TO THE EEPROM out_cmd: ; \/ \/ mov B,DPH ; GET BYTE ADDRESS mov C,B.0 mov ACC.3,C ajmp outbyt This way people can offer help. nobody is going to explain the entire source code to you. also w
Normally for a mixer there is a optimum LO drive voltage that gives you low LO leakage at the output, this level should be applied to prevent unwanted LO signal. This level is either specified in datasheet of mixer or it is measured by applying variable LO amplitude.Because LO-RF isolation is not infinite and nobody wants to see LO signal at the ou
Why don't you plot NF circles and Input Gamma Circles and find a optimum point between these circles ??? Standart procedure starts with these circles and nobody wants to plot them. ...Interesting.. In ADS takes few seconds..
nobody is going to spoon feed you! Google it yourself, you can find all of them.
Does anyone know the procedure to lock layout of particular instance of complicated layout using any techniques in Cadence Virtuoso environment (In short once I lock the cell, nobody can move this cell )? Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks in advance.
when asking for help you should be specific in 1. what microcontroller you are using 2. the code you program in (i.e. assembly, c, bascom, etc.) and 3. what you have already in terms of code already written and any schematic diagram of your circuit. post it here nobody wants to guess at what you are doing, however many here will of
are you going for commercial project in inverter ? 1. square wave or sine wave? 2. mcu based or without mcu ? 3. i think nobody here in forum will give anyone whole material for commercial use,and if its personal u make it twice much costlier than buy a kit and body ++++++++++ SO I WANNA SAY THAT START YOUR PROJECT AND ASK US FOR HELP
I see, that you selected a 200 mW infrared laser. I'm quite sure that nobody would use such a device in physiotherapy due to the serious safety risk. Hopefully, you know what you're doing? P.S.: You may want to to consult IEC 60825 for an overview of safety requirements. I assume, that they have been also adapted for the national regulations in
can't nobody give me some tip? Thanks
OK so nobody helped. Ill still write down the solution so anyone facing the same problem can get help from it. the coupling hole has to be optimized by using the software. the basic rule is, the smaller the coupling hole, better would be the dip at the target frequency when you plot S11.
nobody to answer to my question ?
Hey guys I have written a code for the OFDM Modem but i am not getting the correct graph for BER.. What do you think is the problem? where is your code, I think nobody could help you without the code
It's just a quicksilvery osc... - SCNR - ;-) Without schematic & PCB layout nobody can help, I guess!
nobody I know got Sullivan's programs running without extra work. I gave up on the code somewhere in the first chapters and started writing my own code. There is actually a Japanese textbook (Uno) which is quite reliable (Fortran code and if I remember correctly only one easily corrected error in the PML code). As for English textbooks I think tha
most probably you connect the ICSP wrongly ---------- Post added at 13:59 ---------- Previous post was at 13:58 ---------- By the way, can you post your code here? nobody knows whether they are right or wrong
Saathis, stop creating new threads about this same problem. You have created five so far. If you find that you are not receiving helpful responses, try describing your problem in greater detail. If nobody can understand what you are trying to do, you're not going to get very much help. You will receive responses that are only as detailed as your pr
Quote: For example if you say this is voltage amplifier, is it mean that it doesn't need current and when you say it is current amplifier is it mean it doesn't need voltage. nobody has claimed, that voltage or current are "not needed". For example, a voltage amplifier simply has the task to amplify voltages (as good as this ca
Hi everyone, I found a bunch of SA horns in our laboratory. I heard that SA was bought out by MI years ago. The problem is that nobody has the specifications or datasheet for these SA horns and when I went to visit the MI site they don't have any information either.I typed in the horn model number in google and couldn't find anything useful either.

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