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Sometimes bead placement is "what worked" and nobody knows exactly why. Signal ground and power current return don't necessarily want to be the same thing. Who's contaminating who? If the main ground plane is filthy, maybe standing off the HF but keeping the DC potential right, is the magic tweak. Whatever "noise" is on the power supply, is also
Because the subthreshold slope has not intersected the junction leakage floor by the time you hit Vgs=0. This not only makes the leakage higher, it makes it highly variable - a nominal 80mV/decade means that if your VT of 200mV (low-VT) has a +/-100mV tolerance the real leakage current could vary upward by over a decade at Vgs=0 (or downward, bu
Hi, "Which one is better?" in most cases are useless questions. Useless, because nobody knows what "better" means. Better in which regard? Color, size, availability, price, package, power consumption, speed, .... Think about this: If device "A" is better than "B" in each regard .... why would one still buy device "B" ...
Don't overthink it. nobody cares about your purity when the subject is out-of-print materials that you're only reading, that were published freely originally. Copyright pertains to selling. Are you selling these stale found-on-'net files? Not according to the recitation. Fair use, if you are going to incorporate content then you just need to
Open source is about doing things that matter without the idea that you'll make money at it. Now a business superstructure does tend to enforce discipline and "finishing the job" while open source software projects are never "done" (abandoned, yes; stagnant, yes). A customer would be an idiot to pay you for somebody else's open source software
I do not know what you are trying to do. 1) You have a 5V Zener diode with no part number and no spec's. nobody makes one but 5.1V is common so my calculations use 5.1V. 2) You are simulating sweeping the load resistance. Why? I do not know if Multisim has a library full of Zener diode datasheets. A 1N5231B Zener diode is 5.1V only when its curren
Without knowing the exact specification of the power adapters nobody can tell you exactly. A GUESS would be: 100 adapters at 6W each = 600W DC load If the adapters use conventional transformers and linear regulators, assume an efficiency of 75% so the total power needed would be 600 * (100/75) = 800W. If the adapters use switch mode suppli
You're talking to a very small sliver of that kit's users (if indeed any), here. You can do analog design with any kit that provides SPICE models. How well, and why, is the question (is this one of the kits that has no actual foundry flow behind it?). The good thing about a kit with no basis in reality is, nobody no physical outcome will prove
The test bench has been never compiled. Component declaration doesn't fit, clock_out versus clk_out. No valid syntax in standard VHDL: -- Clock period definitions constant clk_period : real := 30000000; constant clk_1 : time := 1/clk_period; Apart from this points, I don't see a problem to get clk_out edges at exactly 0.5 s /
hello to everyone i start to work in quartus on timing analyzer but i have problem i connected all input output to clok what does this statement mean? what do you mean connected all input output to clock? how is this related to using timing constraints? What are your timing constraints? Why didn't you provide th
Hello My company has developed a way of removing body and facial hair for cosmetic reasons. It involves high frequency flashing (~1KHz) of high intensity light into the skin. The skin is flashed with pulses of light, and each light pulse is further divided up into finer light pulses. nobody else is doing it like this, and it works better. Th
Hard to answer, probably nobody knows the technology, normally it is confidental. However, the TI was very nice, in the datasheet they show the exact layout and schematic, with dimensions. think the PMOS&NMOS length is about ~10um, the PMOS wid
They are not the manufacturer, it's just the name they put on it that day. The next day it would have a different branding. That way nobody can go back to complain if it breaks down! Andre is quite right, it should be tested under load. I suggest wiring a car headlight across the +5V and 0V outputs. It will not run at full brightness but it should
First, I question that you "need to use the same device on both 12V cars and 24V trucks". Want to, maybe. Good idea if practical, sure. But manufacturers have model numbers because one size does not fit all. How much BOM cost are you going to add, to provide a feature that nobody cares about (besides you)?
Yeah, I’m aiming for best PAE possible and the values that I talked about are all based On best PAE. My question is wheter the values are normal or not? 52 ohm for 75um device? nobody knows it..We don't have enough information about your semiconductor devices and their characteristics.. But I think you make som
If you're talking about the "design" of a transistor species in a foundry flow, that's really more process design than device. The norm is that "zero-VT" (aka "native") devices share the same groundrules (X-Y layout) and either omit or adjust the threshold implant for the special case. RFIC technologies commonly offer a native NMOS, meant to b
You are correct, nobody understands your question. Try to break it up into simpler understandable blocks of information, followed by your question. Try give a better context.
4) motorized toilet brush. It would be more effective I guess. 5) motorized curtain. Not interesting, just practical. 6) motorized door closer. nobody has to lie anymore that it was done. 7) motorized soap bubble blower. Probably chinese have done it already. And probably they did all what was mentioned.
It is multiplexed and so only one digit will be ON at a time and so the current draw at any instance is max 440mA. You should not run LEDs at max ratings. If LED current is max 60mA then it is good to use 40mA. So, 40mA * 7 segments approx = 280mA nobody said anything about multiplexing...
I think if I was interviewing someone and they asked those exact questions of me, it would raise their chances of getting the job. nobody can answer you except the drinks machine company themselves but showing appreciation of the various options would demonstrate that you had knowledge of the kind of market and equipment they compete in. BTW, I