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Place voltage value at "node voltage" box, then click on your node. Repeat it for all your nodes.
The spice simulator adds resistances from each node to ground to aid in convergence. The value of this resistance is 1/Gmin. Set the value of Gmin to 1e-15 or lower.
An output port or a load which models the input impedance of the next block in the receiver chain should be included at the output node of your circuit. This load will determine the gain and S21 of your block, which in-turn influence the value of IIP3. You might want to set the port impedance to the input impedance of the next block in the receive
I am not sure but I think Ron is for linear region. If you want get Ro use calculator "deriv" function. Select IS of NMOS drain terminal. Select VS of NMOS drain node and click on "deriv" function and "plot" or "erplot".
If you think of the circuit as a blackbox, take the node you want to get the output impedeance of. instantiate a capacitor of a very high value in spectre (>1MegaF). Connect one terminal of the capacitor to the node you want ot measure the output impedance of, and connect the other terminal to an AC voltage source and have (...)
If I want to know the load of res and cap at one node in the circuit, but I don't calculate approximately. Which simulation in spectre can give me the data, dc ,tran or others? thanks!
i have a solution for ur problem.what u can do is to simulate ur pll in spectre.then note down the time when the pll locks,we need this in analog environment of cadence open the results browser and right click on the node whose jitter needs to be measured to open the calculator then calculate the frequency and timeperiod of the (...)