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Need help with iterative wiener filter code from gaussian noise addition to performing the iterations
Guess you integrate by addition. perhaps you have forgotten to divide by number of samples after you add up the noise+signal samples? -b
addition of guassion noise and fading simulation is generic to and type od signal . you need to generate random noise either by command or in simulink . also by adding delayed ( by particular amount of samples) version of the signal in original signal you can also see the multipath fading effects on your in equation. multipath versio
Hi, I suggest you use randn(). 1D noise: noise = sqrt(variance)*randn(1, symbols_per_frame ); 2D noise: noise = sqrt(variance)*( randn(1,symbols_per_frame) + j*randn(1,symbols_per_frame) ); Regards, Davy
Hi, Are you doing this in simulation? is your noise white? Because if your noise is white (like randn function in matlab) then you cannot eliminate the noise by subtraction. Subtraction for white noise is like addition and just adds to the power of noise. Does (...)
Maybe you have phrased it wrongly. But transfer functions are not time-domain functions. Do you mean impulse response? Then output is usually computed using convolution rather than multiplication. noise on the other hand, is usually superimposed, ie addition. So, you should normally use (Tx * H) + noise, where * is the convolution operator.