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Good evening to all I am not speaking about code I want to understand communication between MCU and LCD how does microcontroller send data to LCD so I made one flow chart that explain my understanding I have attached PDF file and I am looking advice with my flow chart
Hi I will be working on my amplifiers, some of which are PCB, and some of which are PTP. Currently, I have a basic Weller. It works, but I wonder if I should get something better, maybe one that has variable temp? If so, what is a good one to get? and is there a general rule for temps when desoldering and soldering components from (...)
ISIS Release 8.09.00 (Build 27865) (C) Labcenter Electronics 1990- 2019. Bidirectional circuit timestep too small error transient GMIN stepping at time=8.40648e-006 transient GMIN stepping at time=8.40648e-006 TRAN: Timestep too small; timestep = 1.25e-019: trouble with instance D30.
Hi, Gurus, This circuits is another company designed for MIC, then this MIC+/- links to my designed module. Then weird thing happens, the MIC volume is not stable with strong noise. Attachment is my audio circuits, please note in real there is a 604 ohms resistor between the left ends of C400 and C402. I am afraid that the other company's A1 &
Greeting, I have a project that create QUAD SPI controller for MT25QU device. I am able to access to all register of the flash, but not able to read back data from the memory. here is my procedure (assume that i am already in quad mode) 1. Write Enable x06h 2. Write Extended address xC5h + 00 (flash region 0) 3. Read Memory (quad input/outp
We are using load switch and current limiting resistor to charge supercap from 5V, As we have 3.3V available at source we convert it to 5V using boost converter to charge supercap till 5V to get more backup time. 156840 We are using FPF2125 switch to protect reverse current flowing from supercap to power supply when po
Hello I bought a TFT display and would like to connect this display on an Arduino Uno, does anyone have any example of connection for me to follow ? Pins from my you
Hello I bought a TFT display and would like to connect this display on an Arduino Uno, does anyone have any example of connection for me to follow ? Pins from my display: 156837 Thank you
I have two waveforms, A and B of identical frequency. "A" is the reference wave which is fixed, "B" wave moves in steps of 5us- 20ms. All I need is to track the change in phase without recomputing every time. Can anybody suggest proven method in hardware
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Hiya everybody: Iīm looking for ideas for an automated physical keystroker, this is intended for keystroking a particular physical keyboard Thanks in advance :)
Hello dear Gurus and normal guys. I have a question : When i connect camera 8 bit to the Artix 7 (XC7A100T 18kb bram -270 36kb bram-135 max kb-4,860) i can use BRAM for camera 640x480x8 8bit,when framevalid and linevalid on, counter starts to work and make address,wr enabled then on camera pixelclk saves camera data to bram.. (...)
Hi, I would like to generate a spice netlist from Cadence Schematic. I have googled and found comments saying using HSPICE simulator which is not working for me. Is there another way to generate a spice netlist from Schematic?
Hello friends, I read couple of papers in which the author performed a montecarlo based on geometric (dimention) variations. How can I define such setup ? is there any setting for that ? for further detail you can see the following papers
hello, I am trying to use pole zero anayses (PZ) using ADE spectra to locate the poles and zero of my single ended amplifier, but I think I am missing the correct setting, if there is any tutroial or help to expalin it more it will be very useful to me basically I connect the amplifier as a unity gain buffer with an ac input source, not sure
Hello, I see that slotted waveguide antennas are usually built from elements with diagonal offset (as shown in attached figure). The longitudinal offset is understood to me (phase difference), however the horizontal offset is not clear. If the waveguide is excited by TE 10 fundamental mode, the E field keeps his sign along X axis. Can you
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Is anyone aware of a complete detailed description of the older commercial CMOS manufacturing processes, something between 1um to 2um node? There a lot of simplified process flows out there, and each of them appears to skip different steps. So I could not find an exact answer on some of the question, e.g. at what point they started adding LDD, cha
Note the different resistor arrangement around the triac! The Chinese design uses a capacitor to filter noise from the gate and to partially snub spikes from across the line. For driving a heater which is mostly resistive, the capacitor isn't essential but I would guess it is marketed for switching reactive loads too. You really don't want a 330 Oh
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