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You can do PSS+Pnoise Analysis but the accuracy won't be so good.Because the most difficult part of a modelization is to predict Low Frequency noise components.
Hello, a question: can a ground plane, create problems in power audio amplifiers? Example: if touching the input with the tip of whatever, the amplifier oscillates, can it be the fault of the ground plane? (Which is on both layers, bottom and top) Or is it because the amplifier is unstable?
Hi, What will be the best and low-budget educational materials and platforms? Learning materials and platforms as in books, simulation softwares, development kits (from which manufacturers?), affordable tools. What I already know: 1. C and C++ programming. 2. Python 3. Built a few projects with Arduino 4. (...)
Noble Friend, need to create a filter whose central frequency is 60hz or much next this, but i can't do that right, i would like to ask you for help because the filter i need to create is one: - pass active band with central cut in 60hz but this filter must take a sign (wave) square, and convert it into a sinoid wav
Hi, as per Pozar's Microwave Engineering book, there is a condition "A special case of the transducer power gain occurs when both the input and output are matched for zero reflection (in contrast to conjugate matching). Then GammaL = GammaS = 0" then GT=S21^2. and another one is conjugate matched condition. Does this mean ever after performin
Hi, I have a copy of the Razavi CMOS indian edition and have been looking at the cover for the past 20 minutes first of all there is a typo i think. The two inputs of the op a
I would like to discuss about resistor mismatch citing a very old post, even when I was not a student of Electronics. The post link is here: Resistor matching calculation Let's say, I have two equal Resistor (R1, R2), 10k each, having a standard deviation
Dear friends, in the circuit shown below, the output cascode stage of the folded cascode amplifier has two miror, one up and one down, and there is no current source, how the current is then being defined to 2 Ib? we usually have in the output cascode one mirror and the other side is current source Thank you 156402
Hi, im trying to program SPI flash Remotely on zedboard. To do i followed INTEL_MCS.docx(attachment 1,2,3,4) 156396 After FPGA has been programmed i did readback from flash. and compared both the files. all are following the frame format as described by MCS frame format but the first 3 lines are unknown or how i
Hello friend, I want to calculate the power driven by the motor while running. Used : - 1kw 3phase bldc motor and bldc controller Now I am driving the motor using controller. The motor is running good. Calculate: For example say motor is running at 1000rpm. Battery voltage is 48v and consuming 3amp(DC). Now I have to calculate the o
Hello, What is the purpose of the Feasibility Analyses in Cadence ADE GXL ? I read the help about it but I didn't get the difference between it and the Global or local optimizations, it even use either of them when it runs Thank you
Hello, I have a problem and have an idea how to solve it but I don't know anything about electronics. I shoot Traditional archery and have developed what is called Target Panic or Performance anxiety. I have tried every remedy I have ever seen or heard about and nothing has worked for me. I have thought about a way to retrain my brain but (...)
Hello! This is my first post, so sorry if it's a bit substandard. I have just started getting into RF electronics, and I really wanted to try and build an amplifier for the FM band, since I have a small 250mW PLL FM transmitter. I found a PCB layout on the internet, that looked to me, pretty simple and (...)
Hello all again and good day....I need some advice from the attach drawing, can someone please tell me if Q130 is a transistor or mosfet? If so, what pin is pin1,2,3? Hoping for your continual support....thanks 156361
If you combine two identical signal, perfectly in phase they amplitude will double while the noise (uncorrelated) will sum in power. Theoretically you can gain 3 dB NF. In practice you will have a lower gain since the two waveform will not be perfectly identical in phase and amplitude and also the combiner will have imperfections (...)
Hi I am trying to make an SMPS using IRS2982SPBF ic. Input is 85-265Vac and output is 12V, 5A. The datasheet only says the maximum switching frequency. It is 320kHz. It is not saying anything about frequency selection. In some application notes they are using 40kHz and 65kHz. How can I select the switching frequency. Someone help me please
Hello guys, Now I try to generate a sine wave with STM32F7 microprocessor with using external 8 bit DAC (DAC082S085). The microprocessor and DAC is communicated each other with SPI transmit only master mode. Now, there is a generated sine wave which looks like an interrupted shape. Do you have any idea to solve this problem? Thank you, He
Hi, If I want to take Capacitance effects of ESD and bond pad in the design. Where should I connect these capacitances, at every pin in the schematic?. Also, Where exactly ESD protection circuit is connected, only at the input? Thanks
Hi, Could you please list all your requirements. Searching through a couple of posts/threads to find out what you want to achieve needs a lot of time. Voltage range, current range, frequency range, waveform .... and so on and an additional draft could also help to clarify things. It's not clear what you mean by "ClassAB for current and (...)
Hi guys I want to learn cryptography/encryption in vhdl ( as applicable to FPGA's). I don't know where to start? Any good resources, pointers and help/advise to learn that would be appreciated.... Many thanks