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Hi all Lately, cadence provide the PLL designer with a good tool named noise-Aware PLL Flow. I have succeed to extract the PFDCP and VCO macro and its noise. However, when I run the overall pll bench, there is no PLL noise PSD Data to plot though the PLL is locked properly in the transient simulation. Your answer is (...)
Hi, I would like to do the flicker noise(1/f noise) simulation of differential opamp using cadence tool. Which analysis I should do? Is it noise , pnoise or pss analysis? How to give the necessary parameters for these analysis? Do anyone have an example schematic for noise (...)
I have taken phase noise data from cadence and plotted it in Matlab, but when I add datacursors the values are written in scientific notation, i.e. 300kHz is written as 3.000e005 Hz. I've modified the code for datatip display a little bit myself just to show the units, but other than that I don't know what to do. this is my code: pos = get
How to do noise analysis i mean setup we do. I am using the cadence tools.
Hello, I want simulate my first first order delta sigma ADC, attached schematic. I can simulate it and I see behind the LP again my input signal. My problem is I cant see the noise shift to higher frequency. I simulate transient and adjust transient noise (noisefmin noisefmax and noisescale) measure (...)
Hi evrybody; I have a question, How Simulate noise in bandgap circuit? i'm using cadence "Spectre" I'm inexperimented please step by step Thanks Regards .
use a diode to simulate, since diode has 1/f noise behavior and we can input the bias current and AF, KF to control the noise floor and 1/f noise corner frequency.
It is very diffucult to simulate the PLL in cadence system expecially for the case of high N value. Instead, you can use verilog-A to model the VCO with its phase noise and to model other components. Then simulate PLL, it will be good. But you need to make sure your modeling is correlated to real circuit. For phase noise modeling, (...)
I don't know what cdb is cdb is the cadence database format. There is slew information in cell characterization of cdb libraries. I'm not sure how it works. See if you can glean anything from this sourcelink post: questions on cdb noise library characterization Error Message: None Problem statement: For librar
hey does ne1 hav cadence virtouso help manual regarding how to do various digi n analog analysis lyk delay, power,pdp,min n max vdd,noise ,rms value,capacitance,....................n al that. plzzzz its urgent!!
1. Are there any ideas how to perform SNA (substrate noise analysis) in cadence? Does the SNA a part of Assura package or a separate one? What is its relations with technological processes, maybe special control (rule) files? Any relevant links are welcomed. 2. Are there any tools from Mentor for a such type of analysis? Thanks in advanc
:?: Could you anybody recommend me software tools (preferably from cadence) to be used for substrate noise analysis. Are there any tutorials on them? Thanks.
ok, let me tell u what i can remember, u should measure the current noise of the CP then multiply it by some factor alpha representing the period that the CP will be ON during lock, then multiply the result current noise by the Transfer function of the current to the output phase, then u calculate the phase noise from L(fm)=theta^2(fm)/2. (...)
You do it so that you can asess how much of the phase noise is contributed by the charge pump to the output clock. amarnath
Give pop-noise the typical 1/f noise distribution in the frequency domain and its cause are the traps in CMOS or bipolar spacers?
Hi, Can anyone upload or where can i find the reference material about the cadence pole/zero analysis and noise analysis? Thanks a lot!
Hiii, How to plot the conversion gain and noise figure as a function of LO square wave amplitude in specter? thanks in advance..... Use PSS/Pnoise of SpectreRF with sweep of LO amplitude.
Hi, How to plot the conversion gain,noise figure and others with temperature variations in spectre.......please help me..... Thanks in advance......
Hi, I need to find the input referred noise of a folded cascode amplifier in cadence. please help me. any material would also do . thanks
How to simulate the PLL performance(noise level , stability...) using Hspice