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I have a 16GHZ pll and div by N is 160. I am trying to calculate random jitter from phase noise of VCO. I TRIED IN cadence by setting noise source type as jitter and then selecting FM jitter or PM jitter. I was wondering how to plot jitter information using above choices I have made in direct plot form. Also, while calculating Random (...)
Hi I already design a 40-Bit Tag comparator schematic in cadence 6. Now i want to measure Unity noise Gain in cadence6. will you give me steps to find unity noise gain?
What noise figure are you expecting and thus what SNR are you expecting? What gain? I hope your input bias is in the acceptable range and output is in the linear range.
Hi all, I am trying to find how to find phase noise for phase frequency detector in PLL in cadence. Everyone is discussing about phase noise in VCO. Please any one can help me in finding phase noise value and plot in cadence. Regards, tanya dey
If you use Frequency Domain behavioral model for PLL, you can measure it by AC Analysis. If you use Time Domain behavioral model for PLL, bandwidth can be measured via noise spectrum in closed-loop state. See page-5 of Also see
Hello, As you know, PVT simulation is process, voltage and temperature. About process simulation, you can use monte carlo simulation ( samples > 10). To voltage simulation, you will change voltage supply. For example, voltage supply is 3.3 V, you can run 3.2-3.4V and may be plus Vsin (noise). To temperature simulation, you can run 0-70 celcius.
noise calculation format using cadence ads spectreWhat do you mean ? Use correct terminology. I have a circuit (buffer) to drive interconnect, i calculate the noise of it but the form of the noise in (V^2/H), whats this unit meaningnoise Voltage Density,
You can find a lot of folded cascode opamps here on EDAboard, and many tutorials in the net. How to size such an opamp and implement it with Cādence tools you have to learn and find out yourself. Anyway its transistor sizing depends on several requirements like supply voltage limits, gain, power consumption versus bandwidth, noise, drive capab
Dear all, I am using cadence to simulate an opamp's input referred current noise. However, i have no idea how to build the test circuit for it; since I cannot use a current source as a input noise source in the noise analysis. If i do, the bias condition will be disturbed. can anyone help me? Thanks a lot!
Hi everyone. I am using cadence IC5 to simulate a 2 stage opamp noise. What I want is to find the corner frequency where 1/f noise equals thermal noise. The problem is that from "direct plot->main from->noise" I can see the 10dB/decade roll till 1kHz, then the power begins to keep decreasing with 30 (...)
hello I am simulating low noise transconductance amplifier circuit in cadence virtuoso and for the transient analysis I am getting the output current as 10 microampere when the input is fed at 2.4GHz and when ac analysis is done then the output at 2.4Ghz is showing as 10.339 mA.I could not understand the concept. Can anyone suggest. Many Tha
The 10Hz clock has a lot of noise with x5 clock divider noise so there are 10 sidebands between each odd harmonic. Could be some 50Hz noise injected from long wires. modulating the phase. YOu can play with this generator and adjust the Fourier response with mouse or time scale or choose from menu any wave.. turn on sound... enable (...)
how can we analyse kickback noise of dynamic comparator in cadence?? steps? how can we measure different types of noise in comparators?? how can we differentiate total noise from kickback noise component??
Good morning, i wrote a simple text file as "noise file name" for a Vdc (analogLib) in cadence. When i plot the PSD, the first region (flicker noise region) is characterized by "humps, because of a non linear interpolation, i suppose. How can i select a linear interpolation for these point? Thank you! Dario
Hi all, Is there any way to find the phase noise of a PLL using any model in cadence. I know how to run individual block phase noise using ADEL. But incase of a PLL loop its taking to much of time. That is why I am asking any simlify model to find the phase noise of a PLL. Please help me. Thanks.
I am trying to generate a clock signal with random noise, but not using complicated VCO models in cadence Spectre. One possible way I think is to use the vsource in analogLib with "prbs" type, and specify the bit file with "...0101..." pattern. So that, I can put the noise for the pattern as provided by the vsource model. But I don't (...)
Hi all, I'm currently work on an oscillator using XO. I want to characterize the phase noise and I've some strange behavior. I've set the simulator by following the link below. Using HB and HB noise, f
Hi I have found the following thread, which i am trying to understand currently. In that they tried to measure the thermal noise of a resistor. I have a doubt in that, Do we need to connect any source to this transistor or we just use the resistor without any sources before calculating noise.
The noise figure obtained by simulation with ADE L increases after and upgrade from release 6.1.5 to of cadence Virtuoso. The design kit is the same for both releases. Any one who had a similar problem and who may know its origin ? Regards, Aba
Hi, I am working with CMOS Image Sensor. I need to determine the parameters like dynamic range, signal to noise ratio etc of the image sensor. Is it possible to do with cadence Virtuoso? Thank you.