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Hi all ; I want to plot a caracteristic of input current noise for an amplifier ( Schematic) in VIRTUSO 6.1.5 (cadence). there is someone know how to make it please best regards ;
Dear All, I am designing a conventional relaxation oscillator. The moninal frequency is around 2.85 MHz. When I try to run the transient noise simulation and use calculator to obtain the eye diagram, I got some weird diagram and i am very much confused. Attached you can see some waveforms obtained using the function eye diagram. The se
Check if your .lib has ccs_noise. cdb is going obsolete and ccs noise is the way the signal integrity can be analysed.
gangs, I am running .noise analysis in cadence's spectre. Two methods display the simulation results: method 1. plot equivalent input noise. This can be done by: locate spectre simulator menu-->results-->direct plot-->equivalent input noise. A figure will pop out. Then go to calculator's RMS function. The final result is (...)
Hi, 1. I am using IC6.1.6-64b.500.1 and my simulator version is 64 bit 2. I am simulating a basic downconversion mixer as shown in attached figure. I want to know the correlation between noise at RF (red) and noise at IF (blue). I tried to follow the following article:
This is a many-layered question and one which simulation can only approximate. Minimum detectable, vs minimum -reliably- detectable, just by itself, has dark current, telegraph noise, detector circuitry threshold / noise contribution aspects. Not that almost all of these push into areas that often are poorly modeled or not well modelable (dark cu
I'm a novice in cadence. And I have designed a ring oscillator in virtuoso. Can you please help in doing the PSS, Pnoise analysis in cadence? Quick and detaled reply will be very helpful.
hello ...i tried many circuts like cascading of inverters Hi, for simulating your ring oscillator, I think in cadence ADE, you need to set Simulation-> Convergence Aids-> Initial condition-> click on say the o/p node of the oscillator->apply '0 V' in the dialog. This will help in adding the initial noise for oscil
sir i am doing 8 Bit folding 8 interpolating ADC in cadence. plz tell me how to calculate INL,DNL factor using calculator option of cadence tool. is there any other way to calculate INL,DNL factor. How to calculate noise margin and SFDR ?
Hello all! I am trying to perform some simulations on a TIA circuit on cadence Virtuoso. In particular I am interested in plotting the BER vs input power graph, however I don't know any method to do so. For a particular input power I could measure the output swing it produces and divide it by the the output integrated noise. Then get the BER
hi i have designed a downconversion mixer, i hv measured conversion gain, noise figure, linearity but not able to measure bandwidth or freq range of mixer. i tried PSS + PSP but in this only IF freq i m able to sweep but did'nt get the option to sweep RF frequency. can any1 suggest me wat to do
Hi, everyone. Can you tell me how to simulate the input referred noise of chopper amplifier in cadence? use noise, pss or pnoise? which is more suitable in this case? thanks in advance, best regards, Mirro
Dear all, in the cadence environment output noise can be simulated, for bandgap simulations the integrated output noise over 500kHz is about 10uV@dc, input noise 0.5V. The specified source is the supply with 1V ac amplitude. Is there some relation to the offset voltage of the bandgap input stage? Is the output (...)
Hi, I was wondering how cadence does the transient noise analysis ( I didn't succeed to find any useful document about that yet :-( Have you any idea about which type of noise cadence is considering as transient noise and how does it simulate it??? Thanks a lot
Hello everyone, I'm trying to simulate injection locked oscillator(ILO) with cadence.I use the subharmonic as the injection source,I design a 20G oscillator to inject the 60G oscillator. But when I use pss and pnoise to simulate,I found a problem.The phase noise is almost equal to the phase noise of the 20G (...)
How do we define the noise file name in cadence in the vpulse properties?
Dear all, anyones whos knows how to distribute a tran noise simulation jobs on different cpus? How to distribute the intial seed? thx.
I am using spectre to measure the noise performance of my schematic with spectre in cadence . I wonder how the software to calculate the noise factor with the input noise and output noise . The simulation results show that noise factor doesn't equal to output noise divided (...)
It is simply due to limitation of small signal noise analysis in frequency domain. We can never get reliable result of phase noise for small offset frequency. This is true for any vendor's simulator such as Agilent ADSsim, Agilent GoldenGate, cadence Spectre, Synopsys HSPICE, Mentor Eldo, etc. See the followings. www.designers-guide.o
I'm fresh designer for PLL. I want to simulate 'PLL noise PSD' on transient simulation. I had been using Analog design environment -> results -> direct plot -> main form. but I couldn't see funtion of 'PLL noise PSD'. When I tried to plot 'PLL noise PSD' on transient analysis, the direct plot window shows the message "The PLL (...)