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Hello all, Newbie here. Trying to learn about phase noise in cmos VCOs. I have a assignment I was given, and have been scouring the internet and textbooks trying to get past one part. I have a current starved VCO I designed in cadence. Part of one of the tasks is the following: "There is difficulty in using CAD tools to assess phase noise (...)
if you have any matching or noise constraints then use guardring or else you can use substrate contacts wherever possible. Put as maximum as you can in your layout
"noise in Linear and Nonlinear Circuits"-Stephen A. Maas
-Select Architecture -Select the biasing in according with noise and nonlinearity -Select the transistor sizes regarding to bias curents -Do the simulations -Do the layout -Do the optimization and finally repeat the design stepts until you find the optimum circuit..
Hi Himali, Go through an attachment to do Phase noise Simulation of VCO and PLL. I believe you need Spectre RF to do PSS noise Simulation . also, you can go through help manual of cadence.
To simulate PFD and Prescaler you need analog Environment. You need to DC Transient Simulation and Phase noise Simulation of PFD.
analysis analog environment add next outputs: nsd = value(getData("out" ?result "noise") 0) n_rms = sqrt(nsd*nsd*100M) where nsd - square root of noise spectral density (V/sqrt(Hz)), n_rms - rms
Hi, We have designed a basic current source loaded nmos common-source amplifier as well as an op-amp in a 0.35 technology in cadence and we would like to optimize the design for a minimum 1/f noise. Since I am not very familiar with noise simulations, can anyone help me with: 1) Does the regular noise analysis in (...)
Please forward procedure for noise simulation using cadence spectre for NMOS thanks
I guess standard cell library models have 3 sections - timing data - noise data - power data u can take a look at any cell to see its syntax and on what factors it depends. I guess cadence SignalStorm and Synopsys Liberty NCX can do automatic Library characterizations to fill in these 3 data for each cell.
Hi All, I heard cadence's spectre has a new feature supporting transient noise analysis. But I cannot see the options such as noisefmax and noiseseed in tran analysis setup of my spectre. The version of my virtuoso ADE is Do I need to update to any newer version? Or is there any switch I need to set (...)
I would be concerned about getting the transient noise amplitude "calibrated", the canonical noise params which a foundry PDK might model, are not really the same thing when you try transient noise (I gather from some very superficial reading). I think you should get a "standard transistor" (by the foundry's noise (...)
I have designed a low noise amplifier and gotten the satisfied simulation results when it was simulated in ADS. Unluckly, the simulation results in cadence(ic5141+mmsim610) is very bad. The paraments are all the same. The difference is that the PDK in ADS is TSMC rf cmos 0.18um v5 and the PDK in cadence is chrt rf cmos 0.18. What's more, in (...)
In general you can't simulate the SDM loop with PSS as it is not periodical, so PSS will never converge. However there are some methods to estimate the noise using some open-loop methods. One example can be found at
you can use noise simulation in spectre , just choose noise analysis and point to the node of interest and if you want you can also point to the input source you want to refer the noise to
I don't think you can get it directly from cadence. You have to plot the output noise spectrum and then find the intersection of the extrapolated 1/f and white noise lines.
Hi, I want to perform noise analysis in cadence but I haven't found any really relevant tutorial in the topic. Could someone please send me a tutorial, or a link to such a document? I have already checked cadence sourcelink as well but it haven't returned anything serious. So does somebody have experience/idea about
... I'm designing a low noise differential amplifier using the ams0.35um technology in the cadence environment. This amplifier is going to work as a differential amplifier without feedback because the amplitude of the input signals is really small. The output is going to be single ended. Now i'm trying to simulate the input
What ever i feel related to Data preparation in the PD is preparing the noise analysis libs (CDBs in cadence world ) ,the foundary data, the required lef and timing libs ...etc.. i work in cadence world so i got these things, and will be different in other EDA tools like synopsys or magma
Hi, As the power increased, the phase noise decreased best regards, Rania