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now, i am doing a project about a wideband low noise amplifier. but i haven't any tools,i only know that cadence'spectre can doing this ,so is there any others can doing this ,i have hspice in my pc ,so i ask whether hspice can doing this .and how to set the parameter to simulate the LNA.
I design a Ring VCO and use cadence pss pnosie simulate its phase noise. There is a strange simulation result. The phase noise curve is not always down with -20dBc /dec. From 100KHz the curve become a straight line . See belowing pic. I don't
I have made a 3rd order complex filter , when performing noise analysis using cadence , i put noise sources at both the inputs of I and Q channel , and saw the output noise at the I or Q channel , it was 45nV/sqrt(hz) . when i measured the input referred noise at the I or Q channel , it was about (...)
hi all i am aboslutely new to rf design using design. can someone help me with schematics to simulate the gain vs collector current, the noise figure versus collector current and iip3 versus collector current for a bjt in cadence? Also a basic circuit to plot the I-V Characteristics of bipolar as required in cadence. Also how can i plot (...)
I think this is because the computing method uesed to calculate the phase noise was not accurate in low frequency.You can check the cadence file about it.
To simulate the total jitter you need to run the whole PLL loop for many cycles which might take weeks in some cases. The more practical approach is to take the obtain the individual phase noise curves of PFD-CP, VCO, Divider, LPF and the XO, know the transfer function, manipulate and get the total phase noise curve, integrate and get the jitter. I
How to measure input referred noise of an OTA in cadence. Thanks in advance.
Run S-parameter analysis and select noise option.
im designing discrete time DSM. i know circuit design but prob. with simulink, how do we get noise plots in simulink as others get. can you please provide me a complete example of 2nd order low pass SDM in simulink with gain parameters. when i did ,it was going way hign in magnitude after the 2nd integrator. thanks for your reply.
read $CDS_TOP_DIR/MMSIM/doc/spectreRFvol2/spectreRFvol2.pdf regarding noise-aware PLL design flow
Hello, I have designe a low noise amplifier, but I don't know if my procedure is correct, is there someone that can help me? in attached there is the circuit. Thank you
I can't find any cadence tutorials that discuss these topics : --> noise simulation --> Process Corners simulation --> How to plot gain against Id and stuff like that such as gm/id
Hello, I have a great problem...I have to design a low noise amplifier , who has the following features: 1)V DD = 3V 2)Zindiff = 200Ω (RSdiff = 200Ω) 3)I BIAS = 5mA 4)f 0 = 1.8GHz 5) All the transistor should have minimum legth -I have to use a differential amplifier what can I do to design this LNA?? Where can I find the r
Hello All, I am trying to analyze phase noise for a design involving cross-coupled LC oscillator. I am able to get the PSS working, however, the pnoise analysis throws up a strange warning. I have attached the simulator log file. I tried implementing the suggestion posted at
There is a noise generator in analogLib.. You may set the rms noise voltage in properties menu..
two ways: 1. Inject the noise into supply, and measure the vco cycle time, then do statistical analysis 2. Do Pnoise analysis then integrate between frequency range
When I simulate the noise performance of an amplifier using cadence Spectre, I can get the values of output noise voltage (Vn,out) and noise figure (NF). But I use the formula NF=square(Vn,out/A)*1/(4kTRs) (A is the voltage gain.) the result of NF is different with the simulation result. Why?
Do you know how to measure the noise current of a transistor in saturation? I bias the mos in sat region then how to specify/manage the probes in noise analysis.
Hello people, I am having some trouble simulating the NF of a mixer I designed. I am trying to simulate its performance using spectre Periodic noise Figure analysis (combined with PSS of course), in the ways described both in cadence's app note ( ) and in a tutorial from a Sweden University
Hi all Can anyone give me an existing LDO design which can be run in cadence? Thanks Added after 1 hours 59 minutes: Hi all Can anyone give me an existing LDO design which can be run in cadence? Thanks I design a LDO myself, but the output noise is pretty high, about 1