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you can use noise simulation in spectre , just choose noise analysis and point to the node of interest and if you want you can also point to the input source you want to refer the noise to
Hi, I want to perform noise analysis in cadence but I haven't found any really relevant tutorial in the topic. Could someone please send me a tutorial, or a link to such a document? I have already checked cadence sourcelink as well but it haven't returned anything serious. So does somebody have (...)
I can't find any cadence tutorials that discuss these topics : --> noise simulation --> Process Corners simulation --> How to plot gain against Id and stuff like that such as gm/id
Hello people, I am having some trouble simulating the NF of a mixer I designed. I am trying to simulate its performance using spectre Periodic noise Figure analysis (combined with PSS of course), in the ways described both in cadence's app note ( ) and in a tutorial from a Sweden University
hey does ne1 hav cadence virtouso help manual regarding how to do various digi n analog analysis lyk delay, power,pdp,min n max vdd,noise ,rms value,capacitance,....................n al that. plzzzz its urgent!!
Hi there, I have a question about the noise simulation, from the cadence tutorial, there are three ways to simulate the mixers NF: Pnoise with a DC input at RF port, the PSP following a PSS and QPnoise following QPSS. I am wondering which one is more accurate? Even from the tutorial, I (...)
Could you explain me how to noise simulation in cadence step by step? I don't know what should I measure at output. what is difference between equivalent output and equivalent input? If you don't want to explain me, give me some article or tutorial paper plz. thanks
Anybody have a good tutorial on how to do high speed digital design in cadence spectre RF ? like generating eye diagrams, generating PBRS signals, checking input referred noise and so on. for fiber optic, backplane applications (high speed digital 1gb/s - 40gb/s) thanks !