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Hai I am trying to get WNM of SRAM. I am following the procedure given in the book "Robust SRAM designs and analysis". I have attached the WNM graph (Fig1_WNM_book) from this book. My doubt is: As per the procedure, BL line is connected to Vdd and BLB line is connected to gnd. The voltage at source node Q is sweeping while monitoring QB an
Hello all, I am currently designing some pixel circuits for my bachelor thesis and am trying to analyse the noise of such a pixel using cadence. I have a couple of questions regarding this aspect as I am new to this.. Also please consider that the pixel is a black box (made up of a photodiode and transistors) whose input ports are some logic
Hi, In Transient analysis I want to enable Transient noise analysis for first few nano seconds and latter want to disable it. (If the total run time of transient analysis is 50ns, I want to run transient noise analysis from 0ns to 30ns only) I am working in cadence virtuoso environment. can anybody give an idea how to run it. (...)
Please can anyone one help me in calculating the noise in VRMS. I have got the noise in cadence in uV/sqrtHz now I want to convert the uV/sqrtHz in Vrms. I have the noise result attached. Do I have to use calculator if yes the how? I want to calculate PSRR in cadence of an OTA. Can any one help me step (...)
Hi, i want to get the overall pnoise of the PLL in Matlab, so i firstly stimulus the pnoise of several components in the cadence ADE, the simulation pnoise of Divider is about -120~-130dBc/Hz, and the noise power spectral density is about -160~-170dB/sqrt(Hz), i want to know is it normal? if it's correct, (...)
Since you are saying its a switching technique based offset cancellation. Your should be using periodic steady state methods. PSS/Pnoise will help you,
Need help in understanding some things about noise and dynamic range analysis. 1) We know THD (total harmonic distortion) and THD+N (THD+noise), which is THD measured with transient noise ON in cadence. Am I correct? 2) For a given input frequency and amplitude, SINAD is equal to THD + N, provided the bandwidth for the (...)
Hi, Well I have to design a low noise amplifier for ultra or narrow wideband applications. which simulator will you recommend considering I have to use multi gate mosfets. I don't have cadence or mentor graphics license so, Which is best free simulator out there? technology for LNA is 32nm since it will be integrated
I have made a simple transmission gate with one input (for signal with sinusiodal voltage input V0), a control (logic 0/1 to make switch On /OFF, with dc voltgae) and an output across a resistor. I want to do the noise analysis of this circuit. 1) Since it is not a differential circuit, how can i have positive and negative output nodes, for outpu
Hi guys, I have designed the single ended CS LNA and it is working properly, However when I simulate the differential one with (Ls2 =Ls1/2). It shows totally wrong answers. I used Ideal_Balun but i get NF of 14dB which is impossible ! I cannot understand what is my fault here ! 131963131964[/ATTACH
See You can see a defintion of NF(k) in Keysight ADSsim and GoldenGate. If you use more than three ports, e.g, port1=RF, port2=IF, port3=LO, NF(2) is different from NF of cadence Spectre. Here you have to use resistor + vsin instead of port3=LO.
Use PSS/TDnoise with FullSpectrum-Pnoise. About Integration range. Upper bound is Fundamental_frequency/2. However it is very difficult and unreliable to determine lower bound.
As the figure shows, do the noise simulation, but the output and negative input node of the amplifier is not "directly" biased, how to get the input referred noise data from simulation? Thanks 129361
I am trying to get the noise ****
Hi, I am designing a VCO. While debugging the phase noise issues, I am using the noise summary tool of virtuoso to find the contribution of individual transistors. There is one thing that is really confusing and I am not able to understand. My VCO has a capacitor bank, varactor, tail current source, cross coupled transistors (for negative resist
Hi i am trying to do noise analysis for a four-quadrant multiplier with two inputs i1 and i2. The output is obtained by driving it through load resistor of 1K. Now when i do noise analysis both the input and output noise are the same with no change. The steps i did were Chose noise in analysis and set the frequency range. (...)
For the dc analysis of the multiplier circuit i get a linear output of Iout vs Iin. I am getting a linear response but even after including the noise/freq pairs i am getting no change in my is very natural result. noises are valid only for noise Analysis. There
please help I need to draw butterfly for Write NM for SRAM cell I cut down the inverter into two halves to get the VTC for both INVA and INVB as it is shown in the figure, the result should be as shown in the graph but I got different result, the green curve is wrong while the red one is right, What is the problem with this curve ?? Please
hello, I want to add a stochastic noise to vsource, such as gauss noise. i note that there is a "noise file" field in properies of vsource. (1) Could I use this "noise file" to add a stochastic noise. how to write this " noise file" (2) Is there any other methods adding stochastic (...)
I have a 16GHZ pll and div by N is 160. I am trying to calculate random jitter from phase noise of VCO. I TRIED IN cadence by setting noise source type as jitter and then selecting FM jitter or PM jitter. I was wondering how to plot jitter information using above choices I have made in direct plot form. Also, while calculating Random (...)