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Hello, hr_rezaee I did simulations with two files you provided but did not get same plot. The following two netlists are my control signals and analysis. Can you show me how to fix the problem? Thanks 1. .noise V(OUTD) VID 10 .PRINT noise Onoise Inoise DB(Onoise) DB(Inoise) (...)
I write spice code like this. this is juse example spice code to test noise simualtion problem is next picture I don't know How to plot like graph X axis is frequency... Y is noise.. I guess. but how to plot SQRT(s(V(onoise)*(V(onoise))) function? Yah, I know what does mean "SQRT" and (...)
Can somebody tell how to do noise analysis using Hspice. As I know, we can do noise analysis using .noise and print the input and output noise using Inoise and Onoise. How can I calculate the noise figure of the LNA using Inoise and (...)
In noise simulation in Hspice, if use: .noise v(out) vin 10 .print noise inosie onoise you will get the voltage noise at node "out". but i want to get the current noise of any MOSfet. How I could do to get the current noise, not the voltage (...)